Oh, MAN ~ Islamofascists Have Finally CROSSED the LINE!

Silenced?!?!?! I KILL THEM!!!!!

Comedian Defends ‘Achmed the Dead Terrorist’ Puppet Routine Against South African Ban
It’s no laughing matter.
Funnyman ventriloquist Jeff Dunham is fuming after a ringtone advertisement based on his popular comedy skit, “Achmed the Dead Terrorist,” was scrubbed from South African TV because it mocks Islam.
…ASA officials said a South African man, Moegamat Khan, had filed a complaint that the commercial was offensive to the Islamic religion and created an impression that all Muslims were terrorists.
And the ASA agreed. “To associate this divine inspiration to a terrorist is offensive to the people who believe in [Muhammad],” the authority ruled. Muslims make up 2 percent of South Africa’s population.

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