Santorum’s STILL talking.

Stuff a sock in it already, whiney boy.

6 Responses to “OMG”

  1. currently says:


    Congratulations – you got your choice – Romney. I’ll vote for him of course.

    But I hope you are willing to defend and promote him vigorously.

    There are some out there that will need persuasion and the Romney supporters must provide it.

    In the end though, Romney must draw a clear line between himself and Obama to give voters a choice.

    Here’s hoping he does.

  2. tree hugging sister says:

    Oh, currently, you’re wrong there. I’m the genius ~ if you go ALLLL the way back to September ~ who thought Herman Cain was the cat’s meow.

    Make that the typical GOP Florida RACIST who voted for Cain to win our Presidency 5 straw poll. That very event in Orlando, with it’s up close and personal candidate exposure is what sealed my contempt for both Perry AND Santorum.

    And you are absolutely right about what Romney now (who was never my “choice”, just the court of last resort). He was the adult in a room full of petulant children when we needed a building full of MEN.

  3. currently says:


    I was a Herman Cain supporter also. But I didn’t get to vote in the straw poll and he had pulled out before the FL primary vote.

    I’d like to hear more about the event in Orlando that turned you against Perry and Santorum.

    Hell, I guess it doesn’t matter now, but I’d still like some inside baseball.

  4. tree hugging sister says:

    Oh, it was something special to be there, currently. I was so honored. I have some notes here from it concerning where Perry went off the rails for ALL of us, but nothing really about Santorum.

    All he did was bitch and moan, “I did THIS and I did THAT”. Pinched face and angry. Whine, whine, whine. No vision, no personality. Really off-putting, especially after Cain and a very surprising Newtie (who spoke to us like a genial college professor and won some hearts that day). And THAT’S where I coined my ‘whiney boy’ tag for Santorum. He hasn’t disappointed me.

  5. currently says:


    Now I remember reading that post back in September. Seems like almost 7 months ago.

    That’s some great pics with you and Herman, Carl and Byron.

    Thank goodness I won’t feel the need to argue with you about Santorum any more.

    I was just anti-Romney, now I’m bound to be pro-Romney. What can I say?

    We’re on the same team. Keep up the good fight and I’m behind you all the way.

    I still may bitch about something every now and then though.


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