On World News Tonight Monday Night ~ Just Riveting

Someone tell the President these guys don’t need to worry about how the rent back home’s gonna get paid, capisce?

When he gets back from the party with Al, I mean.

7 Responses to “On World News Tonight Monday Night ~ Just Riveting”

  1. JeffS says:

    What, Obama worry?

  2. Ave says:

    Please Lord keep all our soldiers safe and do something about that stupid, irresponsible, Koran-burning pastor in FL.

  3. major dad says:

    Ave, hate to jump in on that but that stupid pastor can burn all the Korans he wants. Nobody even knew he did it till Karzai opened his mouth and then the Inman took that and incited a riot. Just because they don’t like it doesn’t mean we can’t do it, remember, 911 happened because they didn’t like us being in Saudi. I don’t see us going nuts when they burn bibles/Christian Churches or Christians for that matter. I’m not of the mind where it’s okay to burn a Bible but ooohh don’t touch the sacred Koran, sorry for sarcasm.

  4. Gary from Jersey says:

    Democrats are holding our fighters hostage to keep their greedy, corrupt priviledges. Evil effing bastards.

  5. Ave says:

    Absolutely, but I remain appalled that after all the reasonable discussion about the downside to others as a result of such action, the boob went ahead and exercised his right regardless of danger to others. If he wants to wave a red flag in front of a bull he ought to stand in front of the bull himself, say in the Kabul town square, instead of asking our soldiers to stand in for him. I think his choice was despicably egotistical, selfish and cowardly – after all he could have burned a Koran in private. Grrrrr.

  6. major dad says:

    Despite all the rhetoric Ave, he can do as he pleases no matter how much we disagree. The larger issue is why no one is condemming the nut jobs for killing those people or the radical Inman who incited them to do it. I still don’t abide by the “don’t do anything like that, you might upset them” mentality. Notice they didn’t attack our troops either, they went after a soft target.

  7. Mr. Bingley says:

    Absolutely. He has the right to be the biggest ass he can, as do we have the right to ignore him or laugh at him.

    The “fault” for any violence lies 100% with the folks who commit it.

    Free speech can not be compromised any more; in fact we MUST undo all this ‘Hate Speech” shit.

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