OO-Rah, My Sisters!

…As new faces in an American counterinsurgency campaign, the female Marines, who volunteered for the job, were to meet with Pashtun women over tea in their homes, assess their need for aid, gather intelligence, and help open schools and clinics.

They have done that and more, and as their seven-month deployment in southern Afghanistan nears an end their “tea as a weapon” mission has been judged a success. But the Marines, who have been closer to combat than most other women in the war, have also had to use real weapons in a tougher fight than many expected.

It’s a GREAT, fascinating, very well done read.

These WM’s are something else. Damn, they make me cry.

3 Responses to “OO-Rah, My Sisters!”

  1. Skyler says:

    From the article:

    “To the surprise of some commanders, the female Marines have sometimes connected more readily with Afghan men than have male Marines. Capt. Brandon Turner, the commander of G Company in southern Marja, said, “You put a lady in front of them, they’ll start blabbing at the mouth.”

    I’ve found this to be a common experience among men from any country.

  2. major dad says:

    What a suprise Skyler! Who wouldn’t be blabbing with a hot female Marine with a M-4 in front of them?

  3. jarine says:

    Maybe they will start tea parties again in Beaufort, SC during basic training. Could call it teaning.

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