Our Local Gannett-Owned Fishwrap

…has thrown themselves over the side completely.

Editorial: Obama realizing he’s president?

President Obama’s recess appointment of Richard Cordray to head up the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau is less a blow against the Republicans than a badly needed bulwark against our government’s rapid deterioration into banana republic status.

The increasingly sclerotic nature of our government is worrisome.

…Both Democrats and Republicans have used these tactics, but Republicans have developed them into a (dark) art form in their political jihad against Obama

Bulwark “AGAINST” turning us into a Barack Banana Republic? AGAINST?

Au contraire, mi Pensacola “News” Journal putas! It’s the biggest and best shot yet along the path of El Baracko Guano’s trudging national march to machetes and bandeleros. Or were you just trying spread leepstick on this puerco so the campesinos and burgeoning ranks of descamisados wouldn’t realize that, really, subverting El Constitution ISN’T IN THE CONSTITUTION, no matter WHAT El Baracko Guano decrees?

You’ll be SUCH good little java bean pickers in the next adminstration…well, for however long he decides to let it last ~ these leading lights being the mercurial sorts they are. Just never know.

Or you could be the mules in the train.

4 Responses to “Our Local Gannett-Owned Fishwrap”

  1. JeffS says:

    Maybe your local fishwrap gets paid by the word for these fawning articles? Lord knows Obama can afford a few nickels.

  2. Skyler says:


    We are heading the way of a Chavez-style banana republic. And let’s not pretend that this isn’t what Michelle intended.

    Because I’m in the military, I can’t really speculate as to the intentions of the commander in chief or be disrespectful to him. But I sure as hell don’t need to hold my tongue in expressing my contempt for his wife.

  3. tree hugging sister says:

    Did you read the whole, nausea inducing thing? I GUARANTEE it gets worse. I just put the teaser up there.

    Poor Ebola read it in the paper before we took him to the airport yesterday and the shades of color that swept over his face…like watching a test pattern come ALIVE!

  4. nightfly says:

    Political jihad? I don’t know that I want to read the rest, I may throw the PC out the window. A political disagreement and insistance on the rule of law is a “jihad” but an actual bullets and bombs jihad against the entire country – man woman child civilian et als – is “cultural differences” and probably our fault.

    Stupid little small-minded snot-gut fools.

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