Pete Postlethwaite Has Died

And a grand actor he was. You’ll know his gnarled face from a million things, I’m thinking, like “Inception” and “Usual Suspects”. But Ebola and I have always loved…and reviled…him for one role years ago ~ Obadiah Hakeswill. And we’ve never identified him by his given name when we’ve seen him in another role since, but by how malevolently he says the lead character’s name (Lt. Richard Sharpe played by Sean Bean) in the British series Sharpe’s Rifles:


(As in, “Didn’t Sharpie play the part of the banker in the movie?”)

God speed, Mr. Postlethwaite and we thank you. You were something, sir.

7 Responses to “Pete Postlethwaite Has Died”

  1. major dad says:

    He was good in Alien 3.

  2. Rob says:

    Only 64? He looked older. Just saw him in The Town the other day. He was his usual excellent self. My favorite role of his, though, was his turn as the father in In the Name of the Father. What a great character actor. RIP, Mr Postlethwaite.

  3. JeffS says:

    Ah, yes, Obadiah Hakeswill! A classic character, that one!

    RIP, Mr. Postlethwaite. We will miss you.

  4. I had been thinking so frequently over the past few days how great he was in “The Town” and “Inception”. I was so hopeful for the coming year, maybe seeing him in another lead role. He had range and could make the most mundane enjoyable – even his bit part in ‘Aeon Flux’ made you feel.

  5. Skyler says:

    I never heard of that tv series. I’ll have to get the DVD’s and watch while I’m in Afghanistan.

    I still think Sean Bean should have gotten the role of Strider in Lord of the Rings. I think he’s one of the best actors out there, and doesn’t get enough attention.

  6. tree hugging sister says:

    You’ll LOVE the series, and there’s a number of them. (Bernard Cornwell wrote the books.) It seems they were always on PBS when major dad was on deployment, but he FINALLY got to see a set about a year ago and enjoyed them as well, even 20 years later.

    As for Strider, oh, aMEN to that! As a matter of fact, when we heard they were making a film version, he was THE FIRST person Ebola and I thought of for Aragorn. NO ONE else even came to mind! We were like, “A guy named VIGO? Like the anchovies? You’re jokin’, right?!”

  7. Donna D. says:

    THS, you s/b posting a full face pic of Pete not Sean (although he is a hunk). Pete was great in The Name of The Father, and in the Last of the Mohicans. Just bought The Town, haven’t viewed it yet.

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