Political Scientists: We Love Obama

Although we kinda sorta have to admit he’s an empty suit

WASHINGTON — The United States’ standing in the world declined in the past decade to below Cold War levels, according to a leading group of political scientists.

Favorable attitudes have risen sharply under President Barack Obama with his commitment to “restore American standing,” but confidence in him appears to be in conflict with unfavorable attitudes about U.S. foreign policy, the American Political Science Association said in a report released Thursday.

…While Obama has raised American esteem, he has not produced more European troops for Afghanistan, secured concessions from North Korea nor made any headway with Iran, the academics said.

But he has “created or saved” what, some 3 billion jobs in only 8 months, right? Well, ignoring the minor detail that unemployment has skyrocketed during his administration, naturally.

Helping raise U.S. esteem now are Obama’s rhetorical skills when he kowtows to dictators and apologizes for America’s existence in such bastions of human freedom and dignity like Egypt and “what his election signifies about the openness of America in spite of being such a gun-crazed inbred racist shithole” the report said.

“In policy terms, however, most (foreigners) believe that there has been little change in the U.S. disregard for the interests of their country, and that U.S. influence in the world is still mostly bad (not counting “Baywatch” re-runs, obviously),” the report said.

You’ve got to love academics. They spent over a year going to conferences to produce this.

(ok, I made a few mild editing “corrections”)

2 Responses to “Political Scientists: We Love Obama”

  1. JeffS says:

    “Academics” = “No connection to the real world”.

  2. Yojimbo says:

    A few mild editing corrections? Where?:)

    “..according to a leading group of political scientists.” I want to know what the second place group of political scientists had to say.

    To summarize the report: still all hat and no cattle and the triumph of form over substance.

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