Public Service Announcement: Don’t Wear Your Tinfoil Hats Anymore

The little silver deelie-boppers on the top could be used to hone in on your position for a drone strike.

EXCLUSIVE: Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans

A confidential Justice Department memo concludes that the U.S. government can order the killing of American citizens if they are believed to be “senior operational leaders” of al-Qaida or “an associated force” — even if there is no intelligence indicating they are engaged in an active plot to attack the U.S.

See? They don’t even have to have “INTELLIGENCE” (Well, duh – they don’t anyway. Goes without saying.) that you’re doing anything other than bopping down the street with a dirty water dog in your hand, so WHY MAKE IT EASY FOR HOLDER TO TAKE YOU OUT?

I know I can’t get you to let go of the iPhone (GPS, people, screaming to the Feds “I’M OVER HERE!!”), but perhaps I can get you divested of your hazardous sartorial cranial frippery.

Recycle that bitch and LIVE!

8 Responses to “Public Service Announcement: Don’t Wear Your Tinfoil Hats Anymore”

  1. JeffS says:

    I was thinking of recycling my foil hat into an impromptu (and incomplete) Faraday cage for my cell phone.

    I can only call out, and I have to keep the calls short, but they have only so many drones and so much DF gear.

  2. Syd B. says:

    Well, I guess this is a natural next move after using them for skeet shooting. I hear that they have a newly developed technology located in the nose. It seeks out and identifies racists.

  3. aelfheld says:

    Didn’t Big Sis determine the Tea Party was a ‘terrorist organization’? Shouldn’t be too long before they shelve the ‘overseas’ qualification.

  4. leelu says:

    I saw the article, and thought of this:

    I wonder what it could do against one of those flying zombies??

  5. leelu says:

    …to the optics, anyway. And I’m not affiliated, yadda, yadda.

  6. Rob says:

    The propeller on my old model tin foil hat disrupts GPS … and picks up Radio Tokyo when the wind is from the west.

  7. says:

    Oh sheesh – you CAN’T even GET tinfoil hats nowadays – danged things are all aluminum (aluminium for you Brits) – which is totally USELESS.

    What’s a paranoid to do? 😛

  8. Gunslinger says:

    I wonder if a swarm of these beauties would give a government drone a few fits?

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