“Put Your Hands Behind Your Head and Step Away From the Phone”

“…We’re a generation of idiots. Smart phones and dumb people.”

4 Responses to ““Put Your Hands Behind Your Head and Step Away From the Phone””

  1. aelfheld says:

    Someone swallowed a rhyming dictionary whole.

  2. Syd B. says:

    The other night, I walked into our great room and there was my daughter on her phone madly texting and sitting beside her was her boyfriend, doing likewise. I sat down for about five minutes, during which time, they never spoke a word to each other. I was astonished.

  3. Julie says:

    It’s sad… at restaurants I see families of four, each on their cellphones, no one talking. The Cellphone Stack is a great option: everyone stacks their phones (on mute) in the center of the table, and whoever reaches first during the meal pays the whole tab for everyone. We had a friend’s 12-yr-old convinced he was going to have to pay the whole bill. (Even the waiter told him he could wash dishes to pay for it.) I don’t think that kid ever reached for a cellphone again! 😀

  4. Rob says:

    I’m torn on this. People who are awkward or just not very good at face-to-face, eye-to-eye communication/conversation now have a few outlets that they may be good at. Maybe they don’t feel like they’re at a disadvantage any more. Hard for me to begrudge them that.

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