Quote Of The Day

When asked about his recent loss to George Foreman and whether Foreman switched styles to beat him Joe Frazier replied

“You ask me how well did he fight, well I don’t know but I can tell you one thing: he punched good.”

And I love the young Mod Squad Bill Cosby sitting there smoking a stogie and Jack Benny trying to decide if he’d rather get hit by Frazier if it would guarantee he’d give a great show later.

Also, what a graceful and humble man Joe was…and how when ever Cavett asks him “did you hear from Ali?” he says “no, I never heard from Clay.” Ha!

These are great

I’ve got them in reverse order, ‘cos I’m a dope, so watch this last one first.

TV used to be really entertaining.

One Response to “Quote Of The Day”

  1. nightfly says:

    WARNING: Contains historical smoking. Also, class.

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