Quote(s) of the Day

Rubio: When you’re just a few months removed from standing on a stage in Florida and supporting $800 billion in deficit spending, it’s hard to envision that person going to Washington and being a counterbalance to that. The stimulus money isn’t our tax money. Our tax money is spent years ago. The stimulus money is borrowed money from the Chinese and printed money from the Federal Reserve. I believe what Charlie Crist stands for and has supported is incompatible with the mainstream of the Republican Party. And this campaign is about giving Republican voters a choice.

TAS: Any plans to hold a fundraiser in the Hamptons (as Crist has)?

Rubio: No (laugh).

TAS: You’ve clearly gotten Charlie Crist nervous.

Rubio: If I were running in a Republican primary after supporting cap and trade, the stimulus package, amnesty for illegal aliens, and the ACORN plan to restore the rights of felons to vote automatically, I’d be nervous too.

They called it “Marco Gets It“.

2 Responses to “Quote(s) of the Day”

  1. Gary from Jersey says:

    This is one race the RNC had best place piles of chips. They’re spending a little here in Jersey and it seems to be making a difference. But the GOP needs a dozen Rubios and zero Crists if it plans to survive, much less grow.

    Republicans here are incapable of getting it together. Rubio might just win if he uses us as a bad example (for politics, not everything else).

  2. nightfly says:

    Here’s to hoping that a critical mass of people get it, and get with it.

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