Reading, Writing, Arithmetic

And not whomping on the next kid with a big fat stick.

Yeah. Teachers should be responsible for teaching ALL that, too, right?

Teaching kids social skills pays off in grades

A comprehensive analysis of 33 studies finds that teaching kids social and emotional skills leads to an average 11 percentile-point gain in their academic performance over six months compared to students who didn’t receive the same instruction.

We’re doomed. HOW could I have forgotten? Obama will save us by instructing teachers to instruct the young ‘uns after being so instructed during the Super Bowl Half Time Snoozer Show.

Black Eyed Peas a glittering bore at Super Bowl

…Which brings me to the bit that political pundits with nothing better to discuss may natter on about come Monday morning:’s lyrical change-up for the first verse of “Where Is the Love?”:

“In America we need to get things straight / Obama, let’s get these kids educated / Create jobs so the country stays stimulated.”

( and “stimulated” shouldn’t appear in the same sentence together after that disaster.)
Of course, someone else has an opinion on that as well…

5 Responses to “Reading, Writing, Arithmetic”

  1. greg newsom says:

    It’s because the kids today are stupid.They don’t play baseball and are raised by Mom and her boyfriend

  2. bingbing says:

    Can I say, as a teacher, there’s not a whole lot we can do if the kid’s parents aren’t engaged.

    Socially, there are some norms we must reinforce, but it’s a hard job these days, what with social norms changing all the time.

    Then, it comes down to authority. It’s all about students’ rights, and nothing about their responsibility.

    Yet dare a teacher tell little Johnny what to do… oh, lord no (but we do. Deal with it.)

    No worries, Mr B.

    Tic Toc, the pendulum swings.

    No worries. They’re trialing robots in Korea. Dumb admin fucks haven’t worked out yet that of course kids will say they’re great.

    Well of course they fucking will! More play time. And as if when you’re a kid you think about the future… other than some fantasy “I’ll be rich and living in a unicorn world”.

    Hey, in Singapore, they’re starting to use iPads in the classrooms.

    Could be good, but then of course, half the teacher’s job will be going round the room trying in vain to stop kids downloading porn.

    It’s a funny world teaching and being a teacher.

    Fun times.

  3. Dave E. says:

    When I was in 1st grade if a student needed to learn social skills the teacher just summoned Sister Mary Magdalene and her four foot pointing stick. Pretty damned effective if I recall correctly.

  4. Laura says:

    When I want to hear about politics and economics from a half-ass “singer”, I’ll beat it out of them with a stick.

  5. major dad says:

    Sandlot baseball would go a long way into curing some ills of current childhood. My 1st grade social skills enforcer; Sister Marie Padawah, baddest of the bad. An awfully well behaved class as I recall. BingBing is correct, without the parents covering their backs, teachers don’t have a chance.

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