Really, It’s Only Friday

Why would I mind if you totally screw up my commute home

MIDDLETOWN — Barack Obama’s dinnertime visit to Bon Jovi’s house Friday is not expected to create hours-long road closures for motorists, Police Chief Robert Oches said.
Police anticipate they will only prevent motorists on crosstreets from entering the path of the Democratic Party presidential nominee’s motorcade in the moments before it passes, Oches said.
Obama is expected to attend private fundraisers at the Middletown homes of Bon Jovi and Philip Murphy, the Democratic National Committee’s finance chairman, several Democratic Party and township officials said Thursday.
Obama and other party bigwigs will shuttle between the homes, which are located about 2 miles from each other, along Navesink River Road.

6 Responses to “Really, It’s Only Friday”

  1. Tainted Bill says:

    I hope he doesn’t know anyone in Edison.

  2. Rob says:

    Motorcades create havoc with traffic wherever and whenever they’re around.

  3. Teresa says:

    I think you’re supposed to be honored that such an “important” person will be nearby visiting his rich friends. After all… you don’t have anywhere else to be now do you? Heh.

  4. nightfly says:

    This is very annoying. I am to have my birthday ruined by the Dalai Obama shmoozing with clueless rock stars?

  5. Mr. Bingley says:

    Maybe he’ll pop out of the cake for you, ‘Fly.
    I can picture him in that slinky thing Marilyn Monroe wore…
    “Hahhhhhhh-pee Burrrrthday, Mr. Fly….”

  6. Kate P says:

    OMG! He’d look more like Smithers’ fantasy of Mr. Burns doing the Marilyn thing, I’m sure. Ew!

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