Run Away!

That seems to be the mantra of certain folks this year, isn’t it?

For example, just peruse through the website of my Congressman.

Notice anything missing from his site?
He doesn’t mention his Party.
He doesn’t mention his Speaker.
He doesn’t mention his President.
He doesn’t mention this.
He doesn’t mention this.
He doesn’t mention this.
He doesn’t mention this.

Rush has been a “good” Representative for our District, in the sense that he’s brought home lots of pork and has got a great staff to arrange tours of the Capitol.

But those days are over. We can no longer afford someone who has voted to expand government at every single opportunity.

It’s time for Rush to go.

It’s time for a change.

3 Responses to “Run Away!”

  1. Tell me, is he denying being a shill for Obama, and calling himself a “conservative democrat” yet? because you know it’s coming.

  2. nightfly says:

    Rush’s supporters like to sport bumper stickers saying “My Congressman is a rocket scientist.” I do see far fewer of those about town now. Maybe they can run off new ones that say “My rocket scientist sticks to his day job.”

    I have the distinct pleasure of pulling the lever against Frank Pallone. Sixth Congressional District, baby… hey kids – for fun, try to guess which of the FOUR counties of NJ-6 I live in!

  3. barking spider says:

    Here in Florida, the Dem Gov candidate Alex Sink is running adds where she is renouncing her Lord in the White House.

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