PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, let this be wrong

12.57pm:CloseLink to this update: We reported earlier (11.59am) that the prominent Egyptian blogger and activist sandmonkey had been arrested. Now his blog has been taken offline.

We reported his defiant last post, earlier today at 7.42am.

Via the Guardian, his last post:

Egyptian blogger Sandmonkey urges fellow protesters not to give up:

If you are in Egypt, I am calling on all of you to head down to Tahrir today and Friday. It is imperative to show them that the battle for the soul of Egypt isn’t over and done with. I am calling you to bring your friends, to bring medical supplies, to go and see what Mubarak’s gurantees look like in real life. Egypt needs you. Be Heroes.

He had this to say about the violence:

You watched on TV as “Pro-Mubarak Protesters” – thugs who were paid money by NDP members by admission of High NDP officials- started attacking the peaceful unarmed protesters in Tahrir square.

They attacked them with sticks, threw stones at them, brought in men riding horses and camels- in what must be the most surreal scene ever shown on TV- and carrying whips to beat up the protesters. And then the Bullets started getting fired and Molotov cocktails started getting thrown at the Anti-Mubarak Protesters as the Army standing idly by, allowing it all to happen and not doing anything about it.

Dozens were killed, hundreds injured, and there was no help sent by ambulances. The Police never showed up to stop those attacking because the ones who were captured by the Anti-mubarak people had police ID’s on them. They were the police and they were there to shoot and kill people and even tried to set the Egyptian Museum on Fire.

The Aim was clear: Use the clashes as pretext to ban such demonstrations under pretexts of concern for public safety and order, and to prevent disunity amongst the people of Egypt.

Oh, dear God.
(Via Instapundit.)

LATE UPDATE: ( I’m at work, sorry) He’s been freed, but I guess everyone’s far worse for wear. Bastards.

3 Responses to “SANDMONKEY!!! Oh, NOES!”

  1. Kathy Kinsley says:

    Please quit insulting bastards, who had no choice in their birth status, with barbarian tyrants (who have a choice in their actions).

    I had some real trouble getting through work today worrying about that young man. Been reading him just about since he started blogging.

  2. Kathy Kinsley says:

    oops – meant “with comparisons with”

  3. tree hugging sister says:

    Okay, okay. Apologies, to all bastards but Bingley. And I’ll BET you WERE frantic! At least he’s in better shape than poor Greg Palkot from Fox…for now. They’re all marked men and it’s horrible beyond words.

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