Schmaybe There’s a Reason?

Obama’s Years at Columbia Are a Mystery
He Graduated Without Honors
Senator Obama’s life story, from his humble roots, to his rise to Harvard Law School, to his passion as a community organizer in Chicago, has been at the center of his presidential campaign. But one chapter of the tale remains a blank — his education at Columbia College, a place he rarely speaks about and where few people seem to remember him.

I read this yesterday and thought, “How weird“. Like Davids Brooks’ sardonic comment about the MSM being so far up the Palin’s orifices, they know and could report recycling violations, WHY doesn’t anyone know what NObama did at university? I mean, his “rising star” aura relies on luminous accomplishments at every level, right? That his college record should be a cypher seems strange…uncharacteristic… as if he were a wraith floating the halls vice a mesmerizing, anointed presence lighting them up.
Last night, Fred Thompson’s folksy “bucket” analogy( in reference to NObama’s tax intentions) deftly illuminated the “Chosen One’s” general penchant for a socialist track. A big-government-in-your-bedroom ideology, where what you own is yours only until the greater good ~ as determined by him ~ demands that you give it up, or they skip that part and just take it. I wonder where he learned that…?

Columbia University
Has No Right to My Land

Columbia University, a private institution, officially announced its desire for a new campus five years ago. The university zeroed in on the Manhattanville area of Harlem — between 125th and 134th Streets, and between Broadway and the Hudson River. Since that time, while wielding the sledgehammer of the possible use of eminent domain, Columbia has purchased roughly 80% of Manhattanville.
…Earlier this summer the state released its study, which concluded that Manhattanville is indeed “blighted.” This gives the state the legal green light to condemn my four buildings and hand them over to the university.
The study’s conclusion was unsurprising. Since the commencement of acquisitions in Manhattanville by Columbia, the school has made a solid effort to create the appearance of “blight.” Once active buildings became vacant as Columbia either refused to renew leases, pressured small businesses to vacate, or made unreasonable demands that resulted in the businesses moving elsewhere. Columbia also let their holdings decay and left code violations unaddressed.
Only a few years ago, this area was undergoing a resurgence. Virtually all property was occupied, many by long-standing family operations such as my own. Now most of those businesses are gone — forced out by the university.
…There is also a conflict of interest in the condemnation process. The firm the state hired to perform the “impartial” blight study — the planning, engineering and environmental consultant Allee King Rosen & Fleming, Inc. (AKRF) — had been retained by Columbia two years earlier to advocate for governmental approval of the university’s expansion, including the possible use of eminent domain.

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  1. Jim Brunemeier says:

    Why can no one find out about Obamas time at Columbia? His roommate will not talk about it I understand,Was his roommate a Muslim?

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