Seeing As Quite a Few People Agree With Mayor Booker, If I Were That Cranky Old Man

…I don’t know that I’d be quite so chirpy about this particular difference of opinion.

…Booker, who has fundraised heavily from the financial-services sector and is a player in the private-equity-financed, education reform movement, has been eyeing statewide office for years. He is believed to most covet the governor’s office, although he would never challenge Gov. Chris Christie, who’s been a political friend and has deftly moved to co-opt the Newark mayor, unless the Republican was truly vulnerable.

A potential Lautenberg challenge is seen as likelier — and it’s a fact of which that the senator is keenly aware. Following Booker’s comments, the 88-year-old senator went on a media tour to rub salt in the wounds after the mayor’s walk-back, which was made after national Democrats contacted him.

Now we have a different record,” Lautenberg cheerily told Roll Call of the difference between himself and Booker, accusing Booker of “sabotage” against the president.

Cum Laude Graduate of the Joe Biden School of Political Genius.

3 Responses to “Seeing As Quite a Few People Agree With Mayor Booker, If I Were That Cranky Old Man”

  1. JeffS says:

    And that’s a real pity, because Booker (as I’ve read) has really worked on turning Newark away from its downhill slide into another Mogadishu or Detroit. New blood in badly needed, in both parties, but in the Democrats especially.

    As for Lautenberg….he is a doddering old fossil who needs to toddle off to a retirement home so that he can nap without worrying about the next vote.

    And it ain’t only Lautenberg jumping on Booker.

  2. David Crawford says:

    Corey Booker versus Frank Lautenburg in a primary for US Senate? Truthfully, I don’t think it would be even close. It would get nasty from the Lautenberg side but that nastiness would stink of desperation. And at the end of the race Lautenberg would look like a pathetic old hack that hung around too long.

  3. tree hugging sister says:

    He’s there already, David. In his dancing orthopedic shoes.

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