SHOCKING News Via Kcruella: Mood in New York City Turns Desperate

You had to think it might come to this, you know? The eyewitness account she sent:

Subject: Jumper
My friend was in traffic all morning trying to get across the Tappan Zee Bridge into NYC.
Once he was able to get across the bridge, he saw that someone was trying
to jump off. Cops were able to save him.
He was able to take this picture when he passed. This is the poor guy
that was trying to jump off the bridge….

(Caution: Probably NSFW)

9 Responses to “SHOCKING News Via Kcruella: Mood in New York City Turns Desperate”

  1. Retread says:

    Ha! You got me.
    These days if a crowd saw a stockbroker, or worse an AIG exec, on the ledge they’d probably be chanting, ‘jump, jump, jump.’
    Did you see that AIG canceled their upcoming spa retreat after all the bad press they got for the last one? Figures the one they axed was for employees and brokers.

  2. don says:

    As a diehard Cub fan (re: 1982), believe me when I say I can feel his pain.
    I wish MLB would somehow propose a bailout plan of the Cubs playoff failures.

  3. don, Kcruella bleeds Mets orange and blue ~ you have no IDEA what it took for her to send this to me.
    Well, probably two utter and historic collapses in a row, I guess, huh?
    Schmaybe I should call and see how she’s doing…

  4. Kcruella says:

    Oh, I’m fine, I get nervous when the boys do well since they seem to find new and exciting ways to collapse and I just wait for it. The Mr Met photo was sent by a Yankee fan who really has no room to talk after their season.

  5. don says:

    @ tree hugging sister:
    Yes, I felt like my soul mate abandoned me while watching the playoffs.

  6. Dave J says:

    Poor Mr. Met. A mascot’s life is never an easy one.
    True story: I prosecuted Stanley Panther (of the Florida Panthers) for DUI. It was his second within five years. The jury acquitted…and no, they never knew it was him.

  7. Dave!! I thought it was illegal to go gunning for endangered species!

  8. So I guess I shouldn’t whisper “Bartman” anywhere near your vicinity, eh, don?
    So I won’t.

  9. Kcruella says:

    I’m not even watching the playoffs. Baseball season ended the last sunday in sept again.

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