Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

This is SO HORRIFIC ~ and strikes so close to home, literally and figuratively ~ that I am SHAKING.

Shoot first, ask questions later method puts former Beckville resident in Alabama hospital

A Beckville graduate was shot in Alabama by an Opelika Police officer Thursday after the man stopped on the side of the interstate because of a minor traffic accident.

Air Force Airman 1st Class Michael Davidson, a 2012 graduate of Beckville High School, is in now in East Alabama Medical Center after undergoing extensive life saving surgery, his father, Billy Davidson said.

The shooting happened Thursday night, March 6 on the side of I-85 between the Torbert Road and West Point Parkway exits.

…according to his dad. “Apparently, Michael’s vehicle and a ‘diesel rig’ were involved in a minor accident,” Billy said, “and they pulled to the side of the interstate to exchange information. He got his billfold out and was going to talk to the driver.”

Michael never got to speak to the driver of the truck.

“He remembers hearing a yell coming from someone behind him. He saw the reflection of flashing lights on the truck he was beside, and realizing it was the police, raised his arms and turned around.”

That’s when Officer Phillip Hancock, a seven-year veteran with OPD, shot Michael in the stomach.

…Other officers responded to the scene. “Michael remembers seeing the officers searching his vehicle while he was laying on the ground. He tried to sit up and asking why he was shot, but he was pushed back to the ground and told to stay down,” his dad said.

Billy said details were sketchy after that because his son, who had lost a lot of blood, passed out.

The bullet hit an artery in his stomach and damaged organs. Billy said he was told they almost lost Michael several times during the surgery. “He lost so much blood they ran out of blood and had to use blood expanders,” Billy said.

Michael’s parents were not notified of the shooting until around noon the following day.

Speechless. Ebola just came across country, like this Airman was doing, checking in with his dad the whole way, like this Airman was doing.

His folks KNEW something was wrong when he didn’t get back with them by that evening at the latest. So THEY got to lose their minds worrying.

Then to find out your son had been practically shot in cold blood and left BLEEDING TO DEATH by the side of the road, while these GOMERS “LAW ENFORCEMENT” types ignored him?

As a mother, I’m just sick at heart for his suffering and his folks’.


I hope they OWN these assholes.

4 Responses to “Shoot First, Ask Questions Later”

  1. JeffS says:

    Me too. Right down to the badges on their shirts.

  2. Skyler says:

    Cop are out of control. They are so focused on making sure they never get hurt that they are shooting perfectly innocent people doing nothing threatening.

    If cops want some respect, which they always demand, then they need to start behaving better and accepting some risk in their jobs. In this case, the risk was a man with his hands in the air might give him an ugly look.

  3. major dad says:

    The constant refrain is always “I was in fear for my life” or some other B.S. be it someone in a car (just get out of the way) or a kid with a toy gun or with nothing at all. It’s always shoot first, usually emptying a magazine, ask questions later and almost always place blame on the innocent. Seems cops are awful afraid these days of ordinary citizens.

  4. Ebola says:

    Exactly why you don’t make a protected class if the protectors. If we’re going to take that tact, then this shithead should be going to jail along with his supervisors for assaulting a agent of the federal government.

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