**sighofrelief** There is Hope in Boob Tube Land

“Why you say so, sister?”, you ask me. Because, out of all the silly trinkets and reality stars and vacuous, vapid housewives to pick from, the most astonishing person came out as most popular primtetime star.
1. Pauley Perrette, “NCIS”

Amazingly enough, the rest of list ain’t bad either.

2. Cote de Pablo, “NCIS”
3. Jim Parsons, “The Big Bang Theory”
4. Mark Harmon, “NCIS”
5. David McCallum, “NCIS”

We love that stupid show. Have since the very beginning.

13 Responses to “**sighofrelief** There is Hope in Boob Tube Land”

  1. Rob says:

    I love that show, too. That lovely, lovely lady was born in New Orleans.

  2. JeffS says:

    *Head Slap*

  3. JeffS says:

    Oh, and that head slap is for this “critic”, Tara Ariano, who is flabbergasted about the results of this poll.

    Once again, critics are trumped by reality.

    I *LOVE* NCIS! Although I prefer that Cote de Pablo got the #1 slot. Goth, I do not like.

  4. tree hugging sister says:

    You’re SOOOO conventional.

  5. gregor says:

    hot, perky-goth nerd girl that works in a basement… what’s not to love?

  6. JeffS says:

    Oh, Abby is a sweetheart, not to mention a technogeek extraordinary, but the Goth look is like eating chocolate covered ants — do it for the experience, and then go back to appreciating chocolate peanut clusters.

    Still, if I had problems with my hard drive, I’d certainly go see Abby, and not Ziva…..

  7. tree hugging sister says:

    There would be nothing left of your harddrive, Jeff. And probably little of you, just because you were stupid enoungh to ask Ziva to begin with.

  8. JeffS says:

    Why would I take my hard drive to Ziva? She’s a trained Mossad agent, not a certified technogeek like Abby. Ziva can kill people with a plastic comb and rubber bands, what with her ninja like skills. Fixing computers? That’s way beyond her ken.

    Abby would fix my hard drive, using the same comb and rubber bands.

    But, yeah, you’re right, Ziva would certain do me in. She has high standards, I’m sure.

  9. gregor says:

    Abby can defrag my hard drive any time she wants… plus, she’s shown she’s got the toughs on the inside when it counts… Ziva as displayed an overly squishy side once too often, she might be a trained killer, but I always think she’s going to go soft when it counts…
    Listen to me talking about them like real people… yikes. I’m going now, it’s time for Law and Order…

  10. JeffS says:

    Well, gregor, Ziva is suffering from acute stress after years of covert operations with Mossad, some of which got really, intensely personal. Post-traumatic stress disorder is nearly certain under those conditions. A certain amount of squishiness is likely inevitable. But her old skills remain, even if they are a bit tarnished.


  11. Mojo says:

    “Knot of Paul” is actually named Fernandez, I believe. Stage name, or weird religious sect? Your call…

  12. Quite a good show. Though I preferred the earlier series’, with the more defined Naval/Marine themes, than to the recent series’.

    Mark Harmon? The only time I saw him was when he played Ted Bundy, years later he pops up in NCIS.

    Every minute, of every episode, I think of him as Ted Bundy. EVERY MINUTE.

  13. Larry says:

    Love those green eyes, they get me every time.
    And when I think of Mark Harmon I think of a certain scene on the back of a classic Corvette with Meg Ryan.

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