“…Since a White Officer…”

“…killed an unarmed black teenager there in August.”

With media friends like responsible news agency Reuters explaining the complete circumstances of every officer involved death, it’s just amazing there aren’t more attempted summary executions of random police officers. The only thing they’re missing is Al Sharpton’s byline.

2 Responses to ““…Since a White Officer…””

  1. Syd B. says:

    The hyphenated African-American moniker in itself, separates them from just Americans, so perhaps its time for a name change. They’re due anyway, especially since CNN recently referred to the German black shooters in the their terrorist attack as African-Americans.

  2. nightfly says:

    I read an account of the ambush shooting of the two officers in Ferguson; they were careful about details when it spelled out the case against Officer Wilson, but suddenly very scant when they said that a grand jury declined to indict him – leaving out, for example, the small detail that forensic evidence supported his account that the suspect was assaulting him.

    They have their narrative and can’t be bothered otherwise. This is how “everybody knows that” gets started, passed down from generation to generation like a genetic disorder.

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