Since the “60 Minutes” Guys Are Too Old to Travel

…and Peter Arnett’s a frustrated has been, thank GOD the U.N. can pick up interviewing murderous dictator/rebel leader/fascist thugs where they left off. It’s always good to have your replacement in the bag.

‘Most wanted’ man meets UN envoy
Talks in the bush with the Lord’s Resistance Army leader have raised hopes of an end to one of Africa’s most brutal wars. But there was little sign of any breakthrough
JOSEPH KONY, one of the International Criminal Court’s most wanted men, accused of massacre, rape and abducting children, strolled out of the jungle yesterday to shake hands with the United Nation’s highest humanitarian official.
The reclusive leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army kept Jan Egeland, UN under secretary-general for humanitarian affairs, waiting for two hours at Ri-Kwangba close to the Congolese border.
…The LRA has waged one of Africa’s most brutal and bizarre civil wars.
Tens of thousands of people have died and almost two million people have been forced to flee their homes since Mr Kony took up arms in Uganda against a Government accused of neglecting northerners.
The former altar boy claimed to have been instructed by the Holy Spirit and once said that he wanted to govern northern Uganda according to the Ten Commandments. The LRA abducted thousands of children to fight in its ranks, and tortured opponents by cutting off their lips, arms or legs. Girls were kept as sex slaves.
Mr Kony, and four senior commanders, have been charged by the International Criminal Court with war crimes, including killing civilians, rape, and abducting children.
Peace talks have stalled repeatedly on this issue as rebel negotiators demand an amnesty to allow Mr Kony to leave hiding.

If they were serious about helping this guy, they’d be on the phone to Jimmy Carter. And once they deep-six Bolton, the U.N. can do this kind of intervention work all the time.

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