Sitting In A Rio Sidewalk Cafe

So back to Rio after 2 glorious days in Buzios, time for some real local flavor at a popular tapas-style bar Chico e Alaide …this looks tasty


I hoped this would be tasty, in a different sort of way


it tastes completely different from Guinness; this has a sweet caramel fruity flavor, not a lot of carbonation despite the thick creamy head. Didn’t do a lot for me but it was cold and alcoholic, so it covered 2 important categories.

It was raining a bit so happily we were under the awning


and the beer and squid salad was arriving


very yum, not at all fishy or rubbery


followed by


which was a deep fried flavorful bean composition topped with bacon. Oh yeah.

And then some pulled beef atop potatoes and a rich gravy


Daughter devoured a very very tender pounded thin steak and fries


I had as many chopps as I could (“chopp” (pronounced “schop”) is the Brazilian style of serving draft beer: a light lager served very cold in smallish (6-8 oz) glasses that get refilled very often; a great refreshing way to have beer in a hot climate. As a family we vowed to go “chopping” as often as possible!)


the next morsel they brought was simply divine tasting and beautifully presented:


isn’t this awesome? A small pumpkin filled with shrimp, herbs and catupiry cheese


it was adorable to look at and even more adorable to consume. Woe to the next folks I have over for dinner at Chateau Bingley, for ye shall be eating out of gourds!

and we had more chopps


as a side note, we had to laugh as we were sitting there drinking beer and eating all these wonderful little plates of food because right next door to us was…


oh yeah, sign me up for that

as a final nibble before we left I decided I really needed some sausages fried with onions


I did! I really really did!

Keeping with our theme of “never stop eating” for dinner that night we went to Sushi Leblon for, er, sushi





all very very good and fresh. The real fun was the people watching, especially Brunette de Vil who was fiercely guarding the door and not letting just any old riff raff in to scrounge for a table.

Which meant lots of people had to wait outside in the summery showers.

3 Responses to “Sitting In A Rio Sidewalk Cafe”

  1. Dr Alice says:

    I humbly request to be allowed to accompany you on your next vacation. This sounds fabulous.

  2. Fausta says:


  3. NJSue says:

    The shrimp-in-a-pumpkin was incredibly delish. The pumpkin itself was cooked and the pulp went really well with the other ingredients. I never would have expected it to be a good combination but it was great.

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