Smart Diplomacy, Part, Oh Hell I’ve Lost Count

Vaya con gringos

(CNN) — The U.S. ambassador to Mexico has submitted his resignation, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced Saturday.

The move by Ambassador Carlos Pascual comes amid tension between the United States and Mexico after a U.S. diplomatic cable released last fall by the WikiLeaks website quoted U.S. officials talking about “widespread corruption” in Mexican security agencies and “a dysfunctionally low level of collaboration.” The cable, dated January 29, 2010, also described the Mexican army as “slow” and “risk averse” and concluded that only 2% of people arrested in Ciudad Juarez — the most violent city in Mexico, wracked by drug-cartel-related killings — were charged with a crime.

Actually, I’m not sure what the problem here is; sounds all about right.

The next paragraph is deliciously ironic

In a recent interview with the Mexican newspaper El Universal, Calderon stopped short of saying he was offended by U.S. officials but he complained of what he implicitly interpreted as attempts by his neighbors to the north to meddle in Mexican domestic policy.

This from a man who has no compunction about meddling constantly in our domestic policy by sending millions of his unemployed citizens here, a man who screams to high heaven if we even think about doing something racist like secure our border.

Bite me, Estimado Senor.

One Response to “Smart Diplomacy, Part, Oh Hell I’ve Lost Count”

  1. JeffS says:

    Pot, kettle, black.

    You can bite me as well, Estimado Senor.

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