Smart Power Just Keeps Rolling Along!

Hey, how’s that Arab Spring working out?

Egypt Ideology Devolves Into Anarchy Amid Vendettas

…Two years into the polarizing transition from the rule of deposed President Hosni Mubarak, political movements in Egypt have shown a growing willingness to confront opponents with force or take the law into their own hands. With security weakened, the concern is that there will be no effective authority to stop them.
‘Conflict and Chaos’

“The inherent risk is that the state is eroding and the alternatives that are emerging are steeped in conflict and chaos,” said Ashraf el-Sherif, a political science lecturer at the American University in Cairo. “Part of the agenda of some of these groups is to deter other political groups, so the possibility of a confrontation becomes real.”

Yeah, about as well as everything else The Adults have done.

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