Smart Power: Super Reset Button Edition

Yeah, the Adults In Charge are just doing swimmingly

Tit-for-tat bans on US and Russian officials travelling between the countries have plunged relations between Moscow and Washington to a new low on the eve of a high-level US visit to Russia’s capital.

The diplomatic row is an awkward backdrop for Tom Donilon, US National Security Adviser, who is due to hold talks with Russian officials in Moscow on Monday, partly in preparation for a summit between Barack Obama, US president, and Russian president Vladimir Putin tentatively scheduled for June.

On Saturday, Moscow banned 18 US officials from entering Russia after the US the day before published a list of 18 Russian officials barred from the US and subject to US asset freezes owing to their alleged involvement in human rights abuses in Russia.

This must be this masterful “flexibility” our Glorious Leader promised us.

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