So Fugly

…they couldn’t GIVE it away.

First Pontiac Aztek hits Ebay with the ugly stick

There’s no arguing it’s one of a kind.

The very first Pontiac Aztek is currently up for auction on Ebay.

Introduced in 2001, the uniquely-styled vehicle was the first crossover offered by an American automaker, offering an optional strap-on tent and air mattress to appeal to the kind of adventurous customers Pontiac expected to flock into showrooms to buy one.

Unfortunately for GM, they didn’t show up.

Widely considered one of, if not the ugliest car of all time, the Aztek was a certified flop and out of production by 2005.

There are not enough words for how ugly that car is.

2 Responses to “So Fugly”

  1. JeffS says:

    So how high of a bid are you willing to make for this rig, Sis?

  2. Kate P says:

    Heh. One of my uncles has one. Not sure why he ditched his pickup truck for that, but I guess it must be good for camping trips.

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