So, Lemme Say a Little Something About Last Night Here In Florida (MARCO! MARCO! MARCO!)

First, the governor’s race. Geraghty’s got something up this morning that pretty well encapsulates my (and major dad’s and, apparently, plenty of Floridians’) feelings about McCollum.

Not Even a, ‘We Must Now Unite Around . . . (sigh) You Know, That Guy.

There are many gracious and grateful words in this concession speech from Bill McCollum. Hey, you know what’s missing? Any mention of Rick Scott, never mind any sense of “good luck.”

I’ve never been able to stand the pinch faced SOB, even when we lived in N.C. and he was just another snarling, righteous Republican Congressman on TV. Despised him. Once we moved down here, never was a vote cast in his direction from this household, ever.

Then came his GOOBERnatorial primary run. As AG, he heads up to Pensacola (and a very favorable jurisdiction for his Obamacare federal challenge) ~ okay, score one. Then he completely weaselcrapped the Arizona question and Scott called him on it, fair and square, dueling soundbites and all. But the biggest f*ckup McCollum and all his vaunted good ol’ boys pushin’ him couldn’t for the life of them see, through all the “Scott’s a crook” paper and commercials they threw at the viewing public?

Never ONCE ~ NOT ONE SINGLE TIME EVER ~ did Bill McCollum spend ONE PRECIOUS campaign advertising minute to stand in front of me, the voter…and tell me WHY I should vote for HIM.

Not why I shouldn’t vote for Rick Scott.
Not that Rick Scott was crooked.
Not that Rick Scott’s hospitals paid a whopping Medicare fraud fine
Not that Rick Scott got a $300 million golden parachute.
Not that Rick Scott won’t tell you what was in his deposition.
Not that Rick Scott blahblahblah. ENOUGH ALREADY BILL.

I’ve been looking at YOUR mug on MY TV for over 20 frickin’ YEARS as a public servant on the taxpayer’s dime, BILL. It’s not an ENTITLEMENT, BILL. It’s not that you did your time as a good little elephant boy, so you move up to the next step automatically.

Over 20 frickin’ years, all this frickin’ money and airtime, and you can’t spend a single minute of it at the beginning telling me WHY YOU deserve my vote for governor? WHAT you’ve done for my state? WHERE you want to take her? (When, Lord knows, she needs to be taken someplace other than where she is right now.)

What’s your PLAN, Bill, besides whining about RICK f*cking SCOTT?

And that’s why he lost.

Second: WHAT in the SAM HELL was Newtie thinking?
Holly Benson? As if.

Third and most important (with the disclaimer that, since LAST OCTOBER ~ a fact of which I am INORDINATELY PROUD ~ I have been his ESCAMBIA COUNTY TEAM LEADER, but enough about me):

MARCO!!!!. (Via I hate his guts because he was AT THE PARTY Babalu)

* 1,029,459 – More than 1 million Republicans cast votes for Marco Rubio, the most votes ever cast for a candidate in a Republican Senate primary.

3 Responses to “So, Lemme Say a Little Something About Last Night Here In Florida (MARCO! MARCO! MARCO!)”

  1. major dad says:

    Don’t hold back THS.

  2. JeffS says:

    Yeah, Sis, tell us how you REALLY feel!

  3. McCollum also had the smell of Charlie Crist on him. That was also Kottkamp’s problem in the AG race. His ads would promise to deal with corruption in Tallahassee and I’m thinking, “Dude, what have you been doing as Lt Gov for the past 4 years?” Also Pam Bondi definitley got the male vote.

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