So See “Julie and Julia” For SURE, BUT…!!!!

Make equally as SURE you have somewhere LOVELY to eat afterward, like major dad and I did. (“BUTTER” gets mentioned quite a bit, in accolades as thick and delicious as…well…butter. The salivary glands have a mind of their own, n’est pas?)

And don’t let your male significant other tell you, “chick flick”. It ain’t.

It’s a FOOD flick, pure and simple ~ “Babette’s Feast” without the suffering, if you will, and one of the finest ensemble casts you will EVER have the pleasure to view in action.

I’m starving.

And I LOVE my husband.

5 Responses to “So See “Julie and Julia” For SURE, BUT…!!!!”

  1. JeffS says:


  2. Gary from Jersey says:

    My wife has all her cookbooks and even had one autographed. She can make some of that stuff, too. But facts are facts: that’s a chick flick. No car chases, no explosions, no pointless nudity. I know because she made me watch it.

  3. JeffS says:

    There is no such thing as pointless nudity in a chick flick.

    Assuming that the chicks are in fact, y’know, chicks, in the first place.

  4. Kate P says:

    My mom, my cousins, and I ate beforehand–and we all still felt hungry during the whole thing!

    We really enjoyed the movie, too. My only complaint was that they cut a bit too much out of Julie Powell’s book. But I don’t think the general public would’ve liked it as much.

    For the guys: Animaniacs had a hilarious skit about the perfect movie–“No plot. No characters. Just stuff blowing up.”

  5. NJ Sue says:

    I loved the “Julia” part of the movie; “Julie,” not so much. I found it interesting that both women found cooking to be a compensation for something missing in their lives.But Julia cooked because she loved food, while Julie cooked because she wanted her fifteen minutes of fame. At least that’s how it appeared to me in the movie.

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