So We’ve Got Another Budget Mini-Deal

And The Greatest Disaster In The History Of Mankind That Is Totally The Republicans’ Fault has been averted. Yay. The Democrats had to move a lot farther than they wanted to down that “mean spirited” path the Republicans were demanding, and the Poor One had to skip a Friday night in Williamsburg (and hell, maybe even missed his tee time for this morning) and that’s a good thing, I guess.

But let’s not get too excited about this “living within our means” business just yet, as the entire amount that this “historic” spending cut is barely one goddamned week’s worth of this year’s deficit.

One Week.

It’s quite frankly laughable.

10 Responses to “So We’ve Got Another Budget Mini-Deal”

  1. JeffS says:

    About the only good side to this fiasco is that the Demonrats and O!bama blinked. Very briefly.

  2. David Crawford says:

    It’s a start. Nothing else. Hopefully the Republicans can get some good polling numbers out of this, that may buck them up for a real knock-down-drag-out next fiscal year.

    My gosh, how dumb were the Democrats? They could’ve passed a budget when they still had the House, Senate, and White House. Maroons one and all in that party.

  3. JeffS says:

    True, David, it’s a start. But ONLY a start.

    And I’d like to think that the Demonrats are maroons as well. But their failure to pass a budget is a calculated move, one designed to put pressure on the Republicans, and recreate the budget showdown of 1995, where the Republicans lost.

    They are maroons only if they miscalculated. That remains to be seen.

  4. Mr. Bingley says:

    It wasn’t calculated in June 2010, Jeff, when they were in control of Congress and had no idea they were going to get pasted in November.

    It was incompetence.

  5. David Crawford says:

    JeffS and Bingley,

    Actually, I thought it was that the Dems knew they could pass one of two budgets:

    1. Pass one that satisfied their base but would get them gutted in the elections.


    2. Pass a budget that wouldn’t get them killed in the election but would anger their already dispirited base.

    Either option would cost them votes in what was going to be a tough election. So they punted. No team, when they get the ball, plans to punt. It’s just that punting becomes the least risky option at some point.

    I just can’t assign any kind of tactical intelligence to the current Democrats in Washington. I’m sorry but I just can’t.

  6. JeffS says:

    Mr. B, the Dems certainly knew that they were in trouble in June. This was apparent months out; that’s one the TEA Party was doing their damnedest to influence. I suspect that most of the pre-election posturing by the Dems was pure bluff. Or, in some cases, simple denial.

    I agree, they are incompetent. But that incompetence is due to their morals and ethics (i.e., lack thereof) affecting their judgment, and not their intelligence. The Dems are narrow minded or color blind, in many regards. That does not preclude them from coldly calculating the results of not passing the 2011 budget; it just increases the odds of their calculations being hugely wrong.

    And, Dave, I agree; that’s pretty much their calculation; I never said those calculations were good. Their strategy (such as it is) all comes down to bluffing the public, and blaming the Republicans. It’s an act of desperation by fools.

    And, frankly, given the number of low information voters in this country, it actually has a chance of succeeding. Especially if the Lame Stream Media keeps up their “Big Lie” campaign.

  7. mojo says:

    Somehow, I don’t find it amusing. I’m wondering where to find some new blood, with some balls. The old crew are just pathetic.

    Revive the Bull Moose?

  8. Mr. Bingley says:

    oh, it ain’t an amused laugh, that’s for sure mojo.

  9. Ebola says:

    We’ve become France. Prepare to be bankrupt people.

  10. Ave says:

    But at least we’ll have a really stylish First Lady.

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