Something Else to Watch

…that I keep and eye on, but you never hear much about anymore. Ed’s got the “unexpected” umemployment rate rise (9.8% ~ Thanks, Tim and Barry and Harry and Nance) on the same day that our paper’s business section led with:

November marked a two-year low for the number of people applying for initial unemployment benefits, suggesting that the tight job market may be easing at last.

The slowing of layoffs and a solid month for retailers are the latest evidence of a strengthening economy in the final months of the year. Even the struggling housing market showed signs of improvement: On Thursday, it posted a third straight monthly increase in signed contracts for home purchases.

Right. As for housing, prices tanked in November for the start of a valuation double-dip and a quarter of those houses sold were forclosures. Forgot to mention all that, they did.

But no one’s talking about oil. Right this second it’s sitting at about $88 a barrel, but the WORST thing is the price for wholesale gasoline ~ $2.33/gal as of this morning. Add about $0.80 or so to THAT for your average retail price for regular. It will be well above that in places where gas taxes or difficulty in transportation make it more expensive in any event.

If we’re looking at $4 gal for gas over the winter compounding ObamaCare’s exploding costs, the tax cuts expiring, a possible market meltdown, millions with no hope for employment ~ the bad news ad nauseum that has been festering THIS ENTIRE OBAMA TIME, because those at the pinnacle of douchedome were more worried about their social re-engineering than saving the country?

Oh, dear.

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