SPAM of the Day

Dropped, for whatever reason, into the Earl Scruggs post…

TK Wetherell would not be entitled to be a pimple on Bobby’s ass. He is one of those Tallahassee red necks who believed that FSU enjoyed the same exalted position in the college football world as an Alabama, a Notre Dame, or an USC. Without Bobby, FSU would be competing with UAB and USM for relevancy in the South. Bobby was entitled to stay as long as he wanted, which was just one more year.

Now that he’s gone, Tallahasse is revealed as the cousin-marrying, possum-eating, “Bug Tussle” that it has always been.

And even though we despise Bobby Bowden with every fiber of our being?

Oh, agreed. It’s sheer poetry.

2 Responses to “SPAM of the Day”

  1. Yojimbo says:

    Sooo, what happened to “My Tallahasse Lassie,down in FLA.”?

  2. Kathy K says:

    Thbbft! In the words of Bill the Cat.

    Sigh, And I agree with the first part of that too. As someone who was attending said school when he came in. And we started actually Winning Games. lol

    And no, they marry the possums and eat their cousins – he’s got that backwards. 😛

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