Speaking of Lying SumBitches

…here’s the AP this morning.

NEW YORK – The images are striking: One congressman’s office defaced by a swastika, other congressmen heckled at public meetings, videos and placards likening Barack Obama to Hitler, private citizens with guns joining anti-Obama protests.

Outside one meeting hosted by Sen. Ben Cardin, a Maryland Democrat, authorities detained a man with a sign reading, “Death To Obama, Death To Michelle And Her Two Stupid Kids.”

In this season of searing political heat generated by the health care debate, these incidents have raised divisive questions of their own.

Are they simply the latest twists in a long tradition of vigorous, public engagement or evidence of some new, alarming brand of political virulence?

Hate, if it ever truly threatened to leave the political stage, is most definitely back, larger and nastier than ever,” University of Missouri journalism professor Charles Davis wrote this week in his local paper, the Columbia Daily Tribune. He urged the media to put a spotlight on the hate, rather than ignore it.

You people are a bunch o’ dangerous hater hater WHACKJOBS, ya know? Thank God we’ve got the press making sure the real story gets out, not just what the foaming mobs want said. There’s a word that covers this here media situation…now, what was it…? Oh, yeah.

4 Responses to “Speaking of Lying SumBitches”

  1. nightfly says:

    That AoS link you gave? Holy shniekie. NSFW, kids. I nominate Ace for the coveted Val Award at the FFOT. He just about qualifies for lifetime achievement just on that post.

  2. greg newson says:

    Mendacity!Burl Ives,Paul Newman.
    Can’t we turn the clock back and redo this whole sorry mess.
    Life has become a Dream within
    a dream.That’s Poe.
    It ain’t over til it’s over.I
    love cliches.They’re the truth.

  3. greg newson says:

    Swastika on a door.This is newspeak in our sick world for
    white racists threatening poor
    liberal- minded charity workers,
    who are like Dorothy in ‘The
    Wizard of OZ.’The truth is it
    was probably put there by a
    government aide of the Congressman for publicity.

  4. Gary from Jersey says:

    AP singles out one guy with a twisted sign and we’re all like that. I think that’s whatcha call your mendacity right there.

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