Speaking of Bingley’s “Menu Police”…

Thanks to Gorezilla’s minions, sweet lil’ Lamb Chop needs to say her prayers.

GIVE up lamb roasts and save the planet. Government advisers are developing menus to combat climate change by cutting out “high carbon” food such as meat from sheep,

whose burping poses a serious threat to the environment.

(This should be especially egregious news to certain lamb lovers…)

The next sentence is practically a declaration of war!

…Out will go kebabs, greenhouse tomatoes and alcohol.

You have made me very


9 Responses to “Speaking of Bingley’s “Menu Police”…”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:


  2. Gary from Jersey says:

    How much carbon will we save by eating sock puppets? And imagine what that means to New Zealand, which has more sheep than people (which isn’t the same as saying Kiwis aren’t sheep to begin with).

  3. Yojimbo says:

    Why can’t we just start cutting our “high carbon” people like climate alarmists. Wouldn’t that be more, ummm, impactful?

  4. ricki says:

    Wait, WHUT? So to save the planet, we’re all supposed to eat dirt or something? Or learn to photosynthesize like plants? Or is this some damned locavore manifesto?

    Seriously, if the people talking this crap would just put a sock (heh) in it, there’d be a lot less hot air on earth.

    I may have to see if there are lamb chops at the grocery today. Just because. (And they’d probably be flown in from NZ, at that)

  5. nightfly says:

    And what the heck is this “government advisors” bunk? Can we ever be free of their meddling, in anything? For pity’s sake.

  6. Gunslinger says:

    Let’s barbecue the government advisors instead.

  7. Kate P says:

    Sheep burps are killing the planet? Can’t we just give ’em Gas-X or something?

  8. Mockingbird says:

    I’ll have the grilled government advisors loin chops, with asparagus and wild rice melange.

  9. Michael Lonie says:

    They can have my lamb chops when the pry them from my cold, dead hands.

    These puritan nanny-staters are intolerable as well as stupid and power-mad. Look at Bloomberg’s New York forcing soup kitchens to throw away, as mandated by city ordinance, perfectly good fried chicken donated to feed hungry people because the chicken was cooked with trans-fats. Taste is too good for such puritans, they should have been mud eating worms.

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