Stock Up On Your Bourbon

It’s an outrage!

CHICAGO (Reuters) – U.S. corn futures soared more than 4 percent to a fresh record high for the fifth consecutive trading session on Wednesday as flooding expanded in the U.S. Midwest, harming the 2008 corn crop.
“There’s still no indication that we’re getting ready to change this pattern. Concerns continue from planting issues to emergence to crop development,” Mike Palmerino, forecaster for DTN Meteorlogix, said.
Corn prices on the Chicago Board of Trade have surged 80 percent over the past year, with nearly 17 percent of that tacked on just this month.

What will Obama do to help drinkers?

2 Responses to “Stock Up On Your Bourbon”

  1. Since he’s so omnipotent, why doesn’t he do something about the little water problem they’re having in the Mid-West that’s causing ll this corn based pain?

  2. RebeccaH says:

    Weather variation has been part of farming since farming was invented, and the smart farmer prepares for it, because smart planning will cover the lean years. So we are providing taxpaid farm subsidies why?

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