Stylistic Change

Remember these words: “a direct result…of the video.”

4 Responses to “Stylistic Change”

  1. Skyler says:

    It no longer matters. The election is over. Nothing will ever come of this, except to discredit Hillary. And the Clintons, from their control of the IRS from their days in office, released the IRS statements as their revenge on Obama for his efforts to throw her under the bus.

    That’s my conspiracy theory, and I’m sticking to it.

  2. JeffS says:

    That actually makes sense, Skyler.

    I was thinking about Obama not liking Hillary in the first place — the 2008 primaries were quite bitter — and that he didn’t want Hillary to follow him in the White House. For spite, or because he has someone else in mind (Rahm, for example). If Benghazi comes out, why shouldn’t Zero use Hillary as a shield, in an attempt to avoid being targeted? In the dog-eat-dog world of Chicago politics, that’s standard.

    The IRS/Tea Party news dump — that ties in quite well. The vipers, they are fanging each other.

    Unfortunately, it also highlights the potential levels of corruption and divided (or tribal) loyalties in the Federal government.

  3. Greg Newsom says:

    The other day, I stayed up all night, till 5 Am, watching the hearings shown on TV.’Nothing could be have been done’ was the Democratic response to the attack.Did they ever call Israel
    or other allies? This is BS.Nothing could have been done.Don’t we have any allies? This is BS.
    These people are fakes, not Americans.

  4. Greg Newsom says:

    Looking on a map, Israel is 700 miles from Benghazi. How long would take to get an attack team from Israel air dropped in 4 hours? This 2013,GPS devices could pinpoint the site.
    Nobody brought it up, nobody.

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