Sure Glad Brad Stevens’ Dad Let Him Out

…for that post game interview during the UConn/Ken halftime. (I swear to God, he looks like the ballboy staying up late, doesn’t he?) Now go get ready for Monday, you guys. You gotta whomp whichever one of these cheatercheater coaches pull it out for the second game tonight.

This is gonna be delicious.

2 Responses to “Sure Glad Brad Stevens’ Dad Let Him Out”

  1. David Crawford says:

    What a suck-ass choice today. Two teams you just wanted to do good (Butler and VCU) playing each other. And two scumbag programs that get away with everything playing each other (too bad both of them couldn’t lose). Oh well, at least in 49 states of the union Butler will be heartily cheered on during Monday’s game.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Yep, a bummer the way it worked out. I would have much preferred a Butler/VCU final.

    I can’t stand that thug Calhoun.

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