The Fellow Quoted About His “Old Car” Over on Instapundit

…I drive a 1998 Ford Explorer. The sport model. I’ve owned it since it was new and it’s got 160k miles on it…

while laudable, is a baby booming slacker by casa de major dad standards.

In the driveway at the moment:

1) The “new” car: 2002 Mercedes E430, purchased in 2008 with 47K miles. Has a shade over 76.5K now.

2) Elinor, the ’96 Camry: purchased in 2005 with 55K and standing at 110.8K now. Our chug-along, dependable gal.

3) MY Sadie baby: 1992 BMW 525i, purchased in 2007 with 169 159K, heading toward 189K and a bag of worms from the get-go, but we knew that. I ADORE her.

Lately left us:
4) The Commando Wagon: 1987 Pathfinder, 360K or so miles, given to Ebola just a year ago, purchased in ’97 with 197K on her and my vehicle for all those years. Amazing, wonderful, incredible piece of machinery and just AWESOME looking to boot. It’s terrorizing Tucson now, God bless it.

5) The Little Red Truck of Death: purchased brand spanking new in 1985, it was a Toyota SR5 short-bed 4X4 and my running the roads vehicle during our years in California. Carried Marine Corps aircraft parts all up and down the West Coast, not to mention cross country jaunts with major dad. It taught Ebola the wonders of a stick shift and finally left our driveway UNDER ITS OWN POWER (with a new owner) after twenty years of faithful service. We saw it hauling ass around town here for another couple years after that. Damn. Wanted it back bad, too.

6) Der AudiSchnitzel: 1986 Audi 5000 CS Turbo, purchased with 3K miles on it. major dad’s first real screamer of a power car, we had that gorgeous baby here until one too many transmissions (and too few mechanics who could handle fixing it) finally caused us to pull the plug. If we had the guy we have NOW back then, there’s a 99% chance it’d still be in the driveway, ’cause THAT’S how we roll.

Don’t even get me going on Asshat’s “Cash for Clunkers” scheme. Around here that was code for “Murder, He Wrote”.

5 Responses to “The Fellow Quoted About His “Old Car” Over on Instapundit”

  1. gregor says:

    I bought a ’91 Chevy Lumina Euro Coupe new, got rid of it about four years ago with 410+k on it. It ran great, but was starting to do stupid stuff, like the rearview mirror falling off and door handles breaking and such…
    Still driving my ’99 Silverado every day, just rolled the quarter of a million mark…

  2. Skyler says:

    Loved the red truck!

  3. tree hugging sister says:

    Oh, it must be a FINE ride, gregor!

    It was a bitchin’ little thang, wasn’t it, Skyler? Buckets of fun. And talk about some serious ZIP! Toyota would be smart to build something like that again, as major dad always says. FAST, sharp-looking as the devil, compact, fantastic gas mileage. I mean, where would you go wrong?

  4. Mr. Bingley says:

    I can attest that Gregor looks like quite the dapper Country Squire as he tools around in that chariot!

  5. gregor says:

    My friend Larry calls it “the white man’s truck…”. Yep, I’m sure up there with the landed gentry…

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