The Hangover

Walking down Broadway towards Wall Street this morning at 5:45 (the bus was a little late) I saw the shimmering orbs of the Cable Carrion glinting in the pale morning light. Yes, as they always appear like mosquitoes after a Summer shower here were gathered all the news trucks one could imagine: CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, etc, all with their tripods set up and their lights and reflector umbrellas set just so, the crisply coiffed reporters sitting in the vans, smoothing their smartly tailored power suits whilst running over their story-lines and intros, passersby delicately stepping over thick power cables that have been strewn about as if by some giant drunken arachnid in a fit of rage. As always after these days (and I’ve seen many more than I’d have cared to since 1986) there are more people on the street than normal, all moving with a tad more purpose to their stride, a focused nervousness that’s palpable even if you overlook the grim set to the lips and brows of those who scurry to and fro. Years of past effort gone in a few hours, the plans and dreams for the future dashed by a few blips on a lcd screen.

It all serves to remind me once again that what matters, what truly matters, are your friends and loved ones. In an earlier post Syd mentions a nice bottle of wine. Get a bottle. Make a nice meal with those you love. Enjoy the time together.

We have lots of effort ahead of us, and it will serve us well to remind ourselves why we do it.

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