The NewsHour on PBS Tonight Jumped Right On the U.S. Manufacturing Jobs Controversy

In fact, they state a lack of science and engineering training is to blame for hi-tech jobs going overseas.

And then they promptly misspell “engineering” [min. 1:45] in their fancy graphic illustrating the figures that prove it.

Watch How Many Manufacturing Jobs Can U.S. Realistically Maintain? on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

Later in the broadcast, they treated us to a natty academic fellow who explains how liberals are different from conservatives in his new tome. I’ll give you the short version:

Liberals are emotional, caring, empathetic and won’t survive the coming apocalypse because they’ll be too busy worrying their heads off about everyone else. Little kitties included. Conservatives, on the other hand, are so used to taking care of their spoils of war, ill gotten gains, protecting their riches, et al, that they’ll do VERY well, because they can “cause harm” (“no insults intended”) and not feel bad about it, not being so overly concerned with the poor, etc. who would otherwise divert resources necessary for tribal survival. Conservatives have F.O.C.U.S.

I think I got it about right. You watch what you can and tell me if I do.

Watch How Scarce Resources Could Shape U.S. Politics on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

So yeah. We got it. You’re the smart college guys.

ths adds: A big Swill Welcome to Instapundit readers and thank you, Glenn! (After last night, I’m still not sure if this should be “National Spelling” or “Be Kind to Kittens” Day. Academia, flyover country’s looking at you for answers…)

33 Responses to “The NewsHour on PBS Tonight Jumped Right On the U.S. Manufacturing Jobs Controversy”

  1. Kate P says:

    O.K., that whole “natty” conversation was downright irritating.

    JUDY WOODRUFF: It sounds like a long and protracted battle.

    THOMAS EDSALL: Well, but great for reporting.


    JUDY WOODRUFF: But great for reporting.

    ME: And this is why nothing ever gets resolved–the media stands to lose everything. Right?

  2. tree hugging sister says:

    Oh, I loved his snide slams at the Neanderthals ~ OOPS! ~ Conservatives, none of which, of course, were “meant perjoratively”.

    Of course.

    Now excuse me. I have kittens to slaughter.

  3. […] #PBSFAIL: The NewsHour on PBS Tonight Jumped Right On the U.S. Manufacturing Jobs Controversy. […]

  4. Georg Felis says:

    Sigh. Seems the Grasshoppers have decided that the best way to get food for the winter is to call the Ants bad names. Instead of working.

  5. RM says:

    I also noted that they messed up a graphic about congressional approval rating by showing “only 13% DISapproved of congress…”

  6. spot says:

    I make a mean Kitten Curry, THS. Come the Eningineering Apocalypse, at least we’ll eat well xD

  7. gs says:

    I don’t have 20 minutes to watch the clips, so excuse me for asking how many times they used the phrase ‘market failure’?

    If they never used it, holding the White House has made them dull, complacent and, hopefully, vulnerable.

  8. cbinflux says:

    And then there’s this.

    Yep, journ-O-lists are in election year mode.

  9. Lee Reynolds says:

    The root difference between leftists and conservatives, or really leftists and virtually everyone else, is that leftists are overly motivated by envy.

    Leftists are saddened and made resentful by the good fortune of others. If someone else achieves something, they do not feel happy for that person, but envious. The same is true of material wealth. They feel diminished by the successes of others. This is a truly sad state of mind to be in. Those who suffer from this emotional and cognitive disorder look for ways to explain away what they believe to be failure on their part as the fault of someone else, or of society.

    Conservatives on the other hand generally take pleasure in seeing someone else succeed. We do not resent the achievements of others because we know that we too have the very same freedom to achieve those things, or whatever it is that is important to us. We look at the success of others and know that if they can do it, so can we.

    In short, we are not threatened by the achievements of others. We do not suffer from an inferiority complex. We are not lessened in our own eyes by the successes of others.

    We’re not overgrown infants.

  10. Skyler says:

    As a manufacturing engineer, I’m baffled that people don’t see that manufacturing has left the country because we were so damn good at it that we were able to make factories that can build amazingly high quality products with low skilled workers. We put ourselves out of a job.

    The only way to get manufacturing back is to reduce the cost of labor and the cost of doing business in the US. We’ve got to get a new paradigm for how much we pay in taxes and how much we pay in salaries.

  11. bobby b says:

    Lee R’s analysis is, I think, right on target. Funny thing is, this is why conservatives are actually much better at doing those things that liberals think of as their particular forte’ in life – things such as feeding and housing the poor, helping people out of cultural poverty traps, and keeping the peace.

    A liberal will proudly show you pictures of himself protesting on behalf of affirmative action or for more money for schools (“for the kids!”) or for “ending greed”.

    A conservative is much more likely to have actually hired a black kid, or to have forced a kid to stay in school and to study, or to send out “stimulus money” to projects designed to help end a financial meltdown instead of shipping it all off to his friends and contributors.

    And none of this works in any way to diminish our love of a good kitten hunt. Because we are well-rounded.

  12. Ken Royall says:

    Yep, we have added 10 trillion to the debt over the last 11 years or so and that is considered the “age of austerity”. This guy has brain damage.

  13. Kevin says:

    Enigineering? PBS is so frickin’ racist.

  14. major dad says:

    Just like Steven Jobs said, those jobs are not coming back because how can we compete when over in China the workers live at the plants, work 10-12 hour shifts and are basically on call all the time. That won’t happen here. Now, when and if the Chinese for
    one start revolting for higher wages things may change.

  15. major dad says:

    That Edsall guy looks at things through a strange lens alright. I didn’t know I liked to cause harm to others…

  16. PacRim Jim says:

    Haven’t watched PBS in more than a decade.
    Won’t be watching it again — ever.
    That the heavens for the Internet.
    Best investment the U.S. taxpayer ever made. It disintermediates the far-left propagandists in the mainstream media.

  17. BackwardsBoy says:

    Our own government has done more to destroy the once-vital and robust manufacturing sector with laws like NAFTA, GATT, and the avalanche of job-killing environmental regulations from the EPA. Unless and until these institutional mistakes are corrected, what little is left of the manufacturing sector will die.

  18. egoist says:

    Saw that – live. Bad weather forced me onto the treadmill, so that’s my excuse. When I am forced into this hole, I almost always come away not recalling a damned thing from the News Hour. This was an exception.

  19. JCS says:

    Ah, long-haired, bumpy-headed bald guy, is there anything you can’t explain?

    He gave himself away with the “shrinking pie” line. He’s an old man projecting his own shrinking middle-aged career on the entire economy.

  20. Rich Vail says:

    For this crap we pay taxes? It’s past time that NPR/PBS is cut loose from the public tit. Uncle Sam shouldn’t be in the propaganda business (at least within our own borders).

  21. Nick Dorazio says:

    At is a video that demonstrates that VCU researchers flipped their liberal/conservative psych study results right on their head to make conservatives look bad.

  22. steve bourg says:

    Edsell is freaking clueless — he says/thinks we’re in an age of ‘austerity’ but he fails to see that the federal govt has been GROWING for 4 years — actually 80 years, and is eating up and bankrupting the economy and our freedoms. Dude, we Repubs want to see govt austerity before it’s too late. You’re so smart Edsell, just like the leaders of Greece/Italy/Portugal/ Spain/Ireland/France/England the last 20-60 years. That’s what Liberals DON’T realize!

  23. Dolly says:

    “they’re both human…”

    What an idiot.

  24. Fausta says:

    Enigeneering: What you study if you OWS.

  25. JeffS says:

    Skyler: We put ourselves out of a job.

    Speaking as a civil engineer — spot on. We have plenty of engineers, in most of the skills. I recall a shortage of electrical engineers a few years back, but that’s about all. Most of them are working management, I imagine.

    And as for conservatives “cause harm”…..if they truly believe that, why do these morons keep on baiting us? Are they hoping that we fly into a rage, and start machine gunning people? Either way, #PBSFAIL. EPIC fail.

  26. Steven says:

    If conservatives are so self-centered and heartless, why do they give more to charity (controlling for income) than liberals?

  27. Dan Collins says:

    @steven To justify their greed. Duh!

  28. Jim says:

    This Edsall guy sure knows a lot doesn’t he? Some of it was over my head, but at one point he was talking about “free money”. Does anyone know where I could go to apply for some?

  29. tree hugging sister says:

    Conservatives: enigineered from birth and that’s a fact, Jack.

  30. aelfheld says:

    Left/Liberal/Progressives know what they say about Conservatives isn’t true. If it were, they wouldn’t dare say it.

    That’s why you won’t hear a word of criticism directed towards Muhammedism and its adherents by Left/Liberal/Progressives.

  31. Greg Newson says:

    This is one of my favorite topics.The government and our leaders have destroyed our industry and now blame the stupid middle-class for not
    educating themselves.
    Did Steve Jobs have a degree,no.Bill Gates,no.
    The government is like the guy on death row who killed his parents, and wants mercy because he’s an orphan.(not mine,but applies here)

  32. Mori says:

    More nonsense from a liberal with a book to sell. I wonder if he’s bothered to look at crime rates in typically Conservative areas (Red) vs. the Blue areas.

  33. Walla Walla TEA Party Patriots says:

    Manual trackback.

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