The Only Thing Missing From Last Night’s NBC Nightly News Sunday Report on the Extreme, “Increasingly Heated Rhetoric That Has Turned Friends into Enemies”

…was a PICTURE of Rush Limbaugh or Beck, because they’re alluded to, believe me. I guess even NBC doesn’t want THAT fight. Just yet.
All the other ee-ville, everything in common, obviously related in the rush-to-make-political-scores characters are front, center and accounted for:
Timothy McVeigh?
And her crosshairs?
WHITE Tea Partiers en masse, WITH signs?
And check!
*Effectively and emotionally counterbalanced by the Voice of Reason squad:
Sheriff Dupnik?
Somber Democratic Black Congressional Caucus member speaking softly?
And a shot of Civil Rights marchers to illustrate “other times of ‘unrest'”. (HUH?) (But that’s just me.)

THIS is some masterful vilification, all wrapped up in rainbows and unicorns, brought to you courtesy of a major broadcast network. Just so YOU know who the real bad guys are, since you’re obviously not smart enough to figure it out, because you just voted a whole bunch of them into office.

As for my girlfriend…Palin ought to just get it over with and let the streak we all know is hidden in her hair by that $85 Wasilla colorist to just come on out. Jig’s up, baby…

7 Responses to “The Only Thing Missing From Last Night’s NBC Nightly News Sunday Report on the Extreme, “Increasingly Heated Rhetoric That Has Turned Friends into Enemies””

  1. Yojimbo says:

    I am just pleased as punch to know that my overlords and betters, I love the aura of redundancy in the morning, are pointing me to the correct critical thought pathways.

    This is the same network that sent a crew over to Vietnam to interview the people who tortured John McCain to ask them, you know, if they had tortured John McCain. Seemed perfectly sensible to me. It was called the Hanoi HILTON. After being a prolonged guest at their exclusive establishment he may have developed tennis elbow or something. These things can happen.

    Since these people use polls to enhance their narrative, can one be far off? Was Glenn Beck the actual trigger man via thought control?

  2. Gary from Jersey says:

    The only solution I can think of is a national boycott of any advertiser on any program on MSM networks. I’m so disgusted with this whole thing I can’t think of anything more creative. Now I have to find someone to watch them to see who’s advertising…

  3. tree hugging sister says:

    MSM met the enemy a llloonnngggg time ago, and it is…you, Yo. And you in the corner there, Gary.

    And me.

    And probably whoever else comments here. And I’ll be damned if I can see a way to countermand what they’re doing with this overwhelming public airwave platform of theirs, other than standing on a roadside with all those other sign carrying extremists and voting when it’s ballot time.

    They’re already trying to regulate THIS form of communication between us, right?

  4. nightfly says:

    Ooooh! Me too! Me too! I’m just so durned angry and clinging! I’m like a giant bitter tube sock fresh from the dryer!

  5. Yojimbo says:

    Me!! I simply asked if Beck was the REAL shooter. I’m off to Dewey, Cheatem & How to secure adequate legal representation. And yeah, Gary, get out of that corner so you can be fitted for that scarlet “E”.

    I expected this type of reaction from the far left blogs and media outlets such as Air America types like Pacifica Radio and MSNBC, but to actually hit Broadway so early and in such a virulent form. My only hope is that such a blatant attack in such close proximity to the event will turn their reaction into a Wellstone Memorial-part deux.

    I had orginally thought that most of the MSM reaction to the Tea Party was a political calculus. It appears that a good percentage of them actually believe this stuff. They’re actually quasi-truthers. It really makes me sad to think that a not insignificant percentage of the population actually harbors this mindset.

    Seems like this nutcase has been stalking Giffords since 2007, long before Sarah Palin rose to national prominence.

    Batting second, and now in the ondeck circle, gun control.

  6. Yojimbo says:

    Et tu, Nightfly, say it ain’t so! No Lady Byng Trophy for you bunkie!

  7. JeffS says:

    Add me to the list, folks. I’m all bittery and clingy, I am. Obama said so.

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