The Patriots’ Balls

Via Ace’s sidebar, this is a very interesting article looking at the amazing lack of fumbles by the Patriots over the past few years; read the whole thing and watch the video

I actually went back and researched 5 year periods for the entire NFL over the last 25 years. The Patriots ratio of 187 plays to 1 fumble is the BEST of ANY team in the NFL for ANY 5 year span of time over the last 25 years. Not was it just the best, it wasn’t close

It’s uncanny really, and ranks right up there with Hillary’s cattle-trading prowess, and it certainly reinforces the case that the Patriots have been cheating for a long time.

But as a big fan of Occam it seems to me there is a simpler reason for this seemingly amazing hand strength that the Patriots’ display:

They’re such wankers.

4 Responses to “The Patriots’ Balls”

  1. JeffS says:

    Well, the Patriots do have the balls to play the way they do, no?

  2. JeffS says:

    Whoa! A discussion on this topic that uses SCIENCE!

  3. Dr Alice says:

    Sports journalists everywhere have been having a ball with this story. So to speak.

  4. David Crawford says:

    The NFL seems more worried about these balls:

    Than they are about these balls:

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