The Rumpled Guy In The Wheelchair…

…stands head and shoulders above these puppets

Charles Krauthammer on Friday marvelously demonstrated just how in the pockets of Barack Obama America’s news media are.

After claiming on PBS’s “Inside Washington” that we now have a “completely compliant, pliant, supine press accepting every leak out of the White House,” he silenced the entire panel by asking them to name one specific cut to entitlements the President has proposed

Go to the link and watch the video. It’s a thing of beauty. They all parrot the WH line of “four trillion in cuts” yet become sputtering fools when asked to name a single cut.

(via Ace)

5 Responses to “The Rumpled Guy In The Wheelchair…”

  1. JeffS says:

    Mr. Krauthammer nails it perfectly. Good on him.

  2. ricki says:

    To riff off The Most Interesting Man In The World:

    “I don’t always agree with Krauthammer, but when I do…I REALLY agree with him.”

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Exactly, ricki.

  4. Yojimbo says:

    He hasn’t proposed any cuts because he doesn’t want any. It’s pretty clear that he would like to keep on spending. He is simply an industrial policy statist, nothing less. The scary aspect of this is it’s mostly structural in nature with the big increase in agencies and regulations. If we don’t get it now we are in big trouble.

  5. Ave says:

    This sadly shows how lousy reporting has become in our culture. Armies of talking heads sputter on about their opinions to no end and it gets called “news”.

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