There Is A Spectre Haunting Europe…

The spectre of Iceland

Airports across Britian were deserted today after an unprecedented lockdown of airspace prompted by the threat from a deadly cloud of volcanic ash.

The National Air Traffic Service (NATs) has now grounded flights in and out of the UK until at least 1am tomorrow.

But with the source of the ash – a volcano 700 miles away in Iceland – still spewing smoke into the atmosphere, there are already fears the chaos could go on for days if not weeks.

Some experts said there could be disruption for six months as a result of contaminated air drifting over northern Europe.

I’m guessing if this continues it will have a huge cooling effect on both Europe’s economy and environment.

Hide the decline!

One other note:

It last erupted in the 19th century and Bill McGuire, professor at the Aon Benfield UCL Hazard Research Centre, based at University College London, said if the volcano continued erupting for more than 12 months, as it did the last time, periodic disruptions to air traffic could continue.

Why is Gaia so hell bent on harming herself with all this carbon?

10 Responses to “There Is A Spectre Haunting Europe…”

  1. Cullen says:

    Why does Gaia hate Europe so much?

  2. robin W says:

    Gaia is mad because the CRU was fudging data. because, as we all know “it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature”.

  3. We here in the U.K. beat up on Iceland for the cashthey pinched from the banks, but they kinda misheard, so they sent us back the Ash!

  4. Kate P says:

    Maybe we should sacrifice a militant environmentalist to appease the volcano?

  5. Dave E. says:

    I think Kate has just made this post open for virgin jokes.

  6. JeffS says:

    Maybe we should sacrifice a militant environmentalist to appease the volcano?

    If a virgin is needed, we’re likely to be S-O-L.

  7. LeeAnn says:

    I’m pretty sure Pompei didn’t have this problem with air travel being cancelled.

  8. Greg Newsom says:

    Expert Texpert, we are being led by idiots.
    I guess the banning of styrofoam cups at McDonalds
    didn’t go in effect soon enough.
    Is there backup plan? This could last months,could they fly jets lower???

  9. ricki says:

    Well, if the air travel disruptions last long enough, Virgin (airlines) may wind up being sacrificed…

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