There Is No Honor Among Thieves

Or among terrorist sympathizing rat bastards, apparently

TYRE, Lebanon (Reuters) – Those who know wealthy Lebanese Shi’ite financier Salah Ezz el-Din say he is a deeply pious, humble man whose close links to Hezbollah made his credentials impeccable as he allegedly embezzled their savings.

Many Shi’ite Lebanese investors find it hard to believe the philanthropist could have defrauded them to the tune of at least $500 million (308 million pounds) — small change compared with the $65 billion in the U.S. fraudster Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, but made more painful by the connection with Hezbollah, which its followers regard as incorruptible.

“Whoever says he’s a thief, that is an incorrect assessment,” said Fouad Ajami, a 36-year-old steel factory owner from the southern Lebanese village of Toura of the embezzlement charges made earlier this month against Ezz el-Din, who is now in Roumieh prison and due for more questioning on September 24.

The charges include issuing cheques without sufficient funds.

“He was a do-gooder, he may have been subjected to a financial setback,” said Ajami. “And because he didn’t want to show that, maybe he created ghost investments to cover his losses.”

Ghost investments? From that high-yielding 72 Virgin Fund?

As Ace says:

How long before it is claimed he’s really a Jew?

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