They Need to Get These Cabs Lit

BEFORE Bingley and I get there for the GOP Convention…or I’ll thump someone, I’m sure.
“WHAT?!”, you ask? Aren’t they talking about Mogadishu?

Muslim Cabdrivers May Have to Signify Alcohol-Free Cars

No, gentle reader. They’re talking about MINNEAPOLIS.

Hundreds of Muslim cabdrivers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport may soon be required to put different colored lights atop their vehicles after refusing to take customers they know are carrying alcohol.
The proposal, which would allow airport workers to direct travelers to cabs more efficiently, needs approval from the airport’s taxicab advisory committee, and airport officials hope to have the lights ready by year’s end.
If the proposal is adopted, cabdrivers without the light who refuse a fare will be sent to the back of the line, which often means a three-hour wait.
Some said they would rather wait for another fare than carry a passenger with alcohol. “It is forbidden in Islam to carry alcohol,” said Muhamed Mursal, a cabdriver.
Pat Hogan, an airport spokesman, said a handful of drivers began refusing to carry alcohol 10 years ago. Now he estimates that three-quarters of the 900 airport cabdrivers are Somali, most of them Muslim.
…Some travelers are taken aback by the idea that they might be refused a ride.
“They’re really kind of imparting their religious views on the public,” said Katie Patterson of McKinney, Tex. “I can understand if somebody’s drunk; that’s a whole different issue. But to just bring in a closed container, maybe you should look for other work.

Ya think? But suggesting that is probably discriminatory, insensitive and racist. You know, like something the Pope would say. Which is also probably what it’s going be called if this “back of the line blue light special” gets approved.
I can’t discriminate against a Muslim if he wants to rent my apartment and cook goat.
So why can he tell me to piss off if I want to rent his cab with duty free liquor in my bags?
My Uncle Sam didn’t raise no dhimmi.

12 Responses to “They Need to Get These Cabs Lit”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    Maybe they should look for another country.

  2. They did. They’re here.

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Ah, roger that.

  4. Dave J says:

    “So why can he tell me to piss off if I want to rent his cab with duty free liquor in my bags?”
    He shouldn’t be able to. He’s a common carrier, given a license in exchange for being held open to the public, and as such he should be required to take whatever passenger comes next or LOSE said license.

  5. (That’s our legal guy-in-the-know weighing in folks.) I’m glad I had that right, Dave. Wasn’t sure if there was a special dispensation for immigrant cabbies.

  6. The_Real_JeffS says:

    There is a special dispensation now, apparently.

  7. Well, hang on a second ~ I think you’re right!!
    These guys don’t need to get away with this. Bubba driving a cab sure wouldn’t.

  8. mojo says:

    Doesn’t Minneapolis license their hack drivers? Start pulling some tickets, boys. They’ll get the idea soon enough.

  9. Dave E. says:

    This issue steams me pretty good. I actually ran into it here about five years ago. I’d had hand surgery and couldn’t drive my car for about two weeks (manual transmission). One afternoon I took a bus to physical therapy and afterwards decided to spring for a cab home. I asked the driver to stop at the local liquor store and he said he would, but he wouldn’t let me back in the taxi with my purchase. So I had him drop me there, paid the fare to that point and no, he got no tip, and figured I’d hoof it the mile or so home (not a big deal, but it was February). I was seriously pissed and mentioned it to the store owner, who promptly gave me a ride home.
    If the number of taxis wasn’t regulated and limited by local governments I’d say fine, let the market take care of it. They are regulated and limited though, and are providing a public accomodation. There are people who depend on their service either permanently or temporarily to get by and cab drivers should not be allowed to discriminate against people going about their lawful day-to-day business.
    It makes me wonder what the next thing is that will rile their sensibilities.

  10. But Dave, if the glove were on a different hand and YOU as a cabbie denied them a ride because they had a package of goat from the market with them (which your religion doesn’t allow you to eat) what are the odds of YOU getting to keep that hack license?
    Pra’bly pretty slim.

  11. major dad says:

    Well since the goat would probably still be alive he could deny them a ride despite knowing the illegal activities about to occur.

  12. Dave E. says:

    Not so fast Major Dad. They would probably just have to claim the goat as their “Emotional Support Animal”, which all sorts of people are now using as an excuse to bring their pets with them to diners, etc. And getting away with it too.

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