They Were Huddled at the Back of a Store Until the Glass Got Sucked Out

…and then they got into the cooler. Unbelievable audio, because it’s black as the tornado goes over.

And through the chaos, you hear prayers, some screams…but mostly, most AMAZINGLY, young voices saying “Excuse me! Am I stepping on someone?”, “Am I on someone’s back?”, “Don’t move! You have glass all over your back.” These kids are the BEST.

6 Responses to “They Were Huddled at the Back of a Store Until the Glass Got Sucked Out”

  1. Dr Alice says:

    Listened to this: it is truly unbelievable.

  2. Mike Talley says:

    wow….nothing else to say

  3. Kathy Kinsley says:

    Didn’t listen. One of my very first childhood memories is of a tornado coming at us. And my mother noticing I was at the basement window and THROWING me across the room to my father (who, luckily, caught me). It Just missed us. Was flattened all the way up the street.

    40 years later, we had in SW Florida, a little breeze named Charley – he spawned a few tornadoes. I still remembered the sound. (I’ll now also remember the sound of a hurricane in full bloom, but the tornado sound is more primal.)

    But, good on the kids. Seems there were a heroic bunch (read as: good Americans) in there.

  4. JeffS says:

    Yep, a whole bunch of brave people there. God bless ’em.

  5. tree hugging sister says:

    Oh, I know exactly where you’re coming from Kathy. We had one go through the neighborhood here two years before Ivan ~ it had been a whole day of training storms coming up out of the Gulf and the alert warnings going non-stop. None had been within ten miles of us. We were worn out from the sound when it went off again about 5 o’clock, I turned it up to hear where and it said it was coming through Pensacola Pass. major dad and I were like, “That’s us”…and damned if it doesn’t sound like a freight train, even when all three of you and the dogs are crammed in the mudroom. Ours was the first house without any damage. (We had one tiny piece of shingle slice through a screen and a wrought iron shepard’s hook bent to the ground.) It got progressively worse as you went from neighbor to neighbor ~ next door had a line of shingles, the next fellow looked like Godzilla had bitten a chunk out of the middle of his roofline, the folks directly across the street from her had a 4X4 driven like a stake through the bedroom ceiling, the house behind them look like a porcupine for all the construction framing that had impaled the outside wall. (Ebola broke into the front door to see if anyone was skewered on the inside and thankfully, there wasn’t.) When you rounded the corner, it had just traveled straight down the street (quirkily destroying all the houses on the righthand side) and lifted off at our end.

    We all need Quaaludes when it thunders. Still. Like you, Ivan could have put us all in therapy if we’d had time for it. 🙂

  6. Mike Talley says:

    we had one go over us a few years back. Yep sounded like a train…i should know I use to work for the railroad. It never really touched down, but came close a few blocks up from us, ripping up a church roof and removing a few trees from our church. NOTHING like has happened recently….I can see your point THS…quaaludes would probably be needed…

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