This Guy Defines “Pitiful”

…It’s not unusual to see a flag in liberal provinces, of course.

But in the Bush years of sanctioned torture and war built on deceit, many Americans withdrew from overt displays of patriotism.

Some said they were ashamed of their country.

News flash, idiot. Only you and your sensitive friends cowered from that hideous symbol of neo-conservatism and torturing war-mongers, that GARISH red, white and blue banner of shame.
The REST of us remember what that Manhattan hole in the ground looked like beFORE the airplanes hit, remember what the aging gentlemen with the VFW pisscutters did to be able to march in the parade, get a little teary eyed when we watch “Glory”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “Sgt York”, “Patton”…and don’t think Jeff Daniel was half as bad a George Washington as we thought he was going to be. Remember that, at the very moment your bemused piece appears in a safe and comfortable environ, that there are men and women in the service of that flag who don’t get to choose there wars. Who die where they are sent by a freely elected government and ask only that we remember THEM. They do not ask us to cherish their sacrifice, but I do. MY friends do. And I set those little flags out every morning and hope in my heart that, somewhere in an Afghani goat cave, with the horrors that surround them…I hope they know.
And a fair amount of us sniffle like little girls when we hear the Star Spangled Banner, because there’s so much wrapped up in that song, written in the heat of yet another battle defending our freedoms…thinking of family and friends in uniform and the flood of emotion can take our breath away at the very first “Oh, say can you see…?”
Yes. We can. And we have always proudly hailed it. Because it is a constant, like that “We the People” piece of paper. They stand firm always, ensuring that BOTH the torturing war-mongers and elite, ineffectual, guilt-ridden intellectuals will not perpetually lead us, should we choose to make the change. Your banner of shame is our symbol of RIGHT ~ not a political leaning, but a freedom ensured by the pursuit of a “more perfect union”.
I am sorry your world is so small that something so wonderful has to creep back into it. How sad that someone can only raise those stars and stripes when his candidate wins, and now it’s cool again. ‘Safe’, you mean. So you don’t get picked on by those “urban Americans” ~ those sophisticated, embittered, twisted lip, sneering decriers of anything remotely red, white and blue. I’d tiptoe timidly through that bunch, too. “I support the troops, BUT…”…red, white and blue is neo-fascist. How things change! Writing for the New York Times, your target audience has grappled with the same roiling guilts and anguishes (Check the comments ~ you scored beaucoup “empathy” points!) and now your tormented, cowering collective all can fist bump virtually together. Krishna, krishna.
And safely wear your little flag pins.
But for your president, not your country.
I’ll never get it.

14 Responses to “This Guy Defines “Pitiful””

  1. WHAT sanctioned torture? WHAT deceit?
    GAWD I hate sanctimonious, lying twits.

  2. JeffS says:

    I display Old Glory every day I’m home, for all the men and women who served, and whom have served. I display for the Constitution. She flew while Bush was in office, she flies today while Obama stages his photo ops, and she will fly until I can’t physically put her up. I need no excuse, no special person in office. This country is the reason.
    Well said, Sis.

  3. nightfly says:

    Some well-deserved linkage for you, Ms. Sister.

  4. mojo says:

    “Some said”…
    Do me a favor, pal, and don’t blame your own asshole opinion on “some”.

  5. Ebola says:

    I’m actually going to keep my mouth shut for once, due to the fact that the other option is far less than pretty.

  6. Dave J. says:

    “Some said they were ashamed of their country.”
    As noted above, whenever a journalist says “some” they mean “me.”

  7. Steve Skubinna says:

    After 9/11 lots of lefties made a big show of “reclaiming” the flag from the conservatives who had “appropriated” it. My response was always “Hey, WE never pissed on it, or ripped it up, or trod on it, or burned it. You people abandoned it, we didn’t.”
    Don’t sweat it – eventually we will have a President they don’t like and AmeriKKKa will return to its usual fascist stifling of dissent (by which I mean the op-ed pages and national news networks will be filled with these people earnestly whining about how their opinions were being marginalized). Then the flag pins will go away and it won’t be cool to be American again. Not to question anyone’s patriotism, but these people never were very good at being American anyway.
    And what’s really sad is that if they were a bit less self absorbed they’d see that their European role models hold them in the same amused contempt as before.

  8. greg newson says:

    99 percent of the politician,and the communist
    journalists are traitors.They believe only things
    taught in the Never Land World of high school academics.Recycle your cans and the world will be just
    fine.While millions invade our nation yearly illegally, they worry more about people not using their cell phones on the freeway-Sick people.
    Sarah Palin just resigned as governor,I think she
    wasn’t a Stalingrad type defender,I guess the eye
    make-up made her cry and she gave up. Good thing
    Hannibal didn’t have eye make-up when he fought
    Rome for sixteen years in the 2nd Punic war!

  9. Dave J. says:

    “Sarah Palin just resigned as governor, I think she
    wasn’t a Stalingrad type defender, I guess the eye
    make-up made her cry and she gave up.”
    If you actually listened to what she said, you’d realize this isn’t the end of Sarah Palin. It’s just the beginning.

  10. Kate P says:

    Wonderfully put, THS. And God bless our country and our men & women in the service!

  11. greg newson says:

    Dear Dave: It’s just the beginning for her?What about her oath of office and the people who voted for her.I guess they’re like the poor suckers who
    worked for all those companies that’ve gone under lately.Pawns in the game of life that sick politicians think they’re above.People are only
    taxpayers,voters and cannon fodder for wars;the
    elite are pension recipients and the government gentry.

  12. Dave J. says:

    Alright, Greg: when a poll of Alaskans comes out that says a majority of them thinks this was a bad idea, I’ll concede you’re right, and that she’s just another sleazoid hanger-on rather than part of the solution.
    Until then, this country is so far gone that we need people who demolish conventional wisdom. Until proven otherwise, I believe this is a bold outside-the-box move that shifts her from defense to offense: freeing Alaska from the DNC destruction machine focused on her, and freeing her to be on the national stage as an opposition leader to Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their agenda.
    I was for Sarah Palin before 95% of the country had heard of her, and I’ll follow her to Hell and back because I believe she is the ONLY person out there capable of rallying a counter-revolution to the forces that are rapidly turning America into a third-world banana republic. I’d love to think there are others on the horizon, but who?

  13. JeffS says:

    I concur, Dave. I hope she stays in politics, but I understand why she would not; American politics is a snake pit, and the vipers are merciless.
    It’s telling that a lot of the pundits are pointing out how this is a mistake on Palin’s part, that she’s finished, etc.
    Many of these same pundits didn’t like Palin in the first. But Sarah Palin invokes a huge amount of loathing in what I refer to as the “entrenched political mob”, people who are happy with the so-called status quo (even if it’s really a downhill slide), from all parts of the political spectrum. And that, in large measure, tells me she’s genuine.
    But she will decide what she will do next. And whatever that is, I wish her the best of luck, she’s earned it.

  14. Steve Skubinna says:

    Me, I hope Sarah goes after each and everyone of those fuckers that thought attacking her children was funny.
    With extreme prejudice.

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