This Is Beyond Absurd

The Russians are drilling into a 14 million year old lake in Antarctica, looking for signs of life under the ice, pure, unspoiled life after millions of years.

So, naturally, they’re going to fill the hole with kerosene

A Russian team searching for signs of life beneath a 14-million-year-old frozen Antarctic lake has had to halt drilling just a few meters from water, potentially damaging 20 years of work in the process.

The team — headed up by the Russian Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute in St. Petersburg — had to call off work just 29 meters [95-foot] short of the end goal because the Antarctic winter is fast closing in. News that they plan to fill the 3,749-meter [12,300-foot] borehole with kerosene to prevent it from freezing will further trouble groups who fear continued research will contaminate the lake.

Maybe if they put a match to it it they can call it an AntarcTiki torch…

4 Responses to “This Is Beyond Absurd”

  1. Well, they will get to kill it before anyone else on the planet.

    And the ecowackos will blame it on Bush, no doubt.

  2. Laura says:

    They should fill it with vodka.

  3. ricki says:

    Russkie rednecks? I’m surprised they’ve not got duct tape and baling wire mixed in there too.

  4. JeffS says:

    What’s the problem, tovarish? Kerosene comes from oil, and oil comes from the earth. We are but returning the oil from whence it came.


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