This is HUGE If True

As well as HUGELY perplexing.

15:30 ET Dow +14.24 at 11747.18, Nasdaq +19.06 at 2433.16, S&P +4.47 at 1300.79:
[BRIEFING.COM] Stocks attempt to turn higher but run into selling resistance. The major indices remain in positive territory.
The Dow is underperforming, as it has throughout the session. IBM (IBM 126.05, -2.76) and Boeing (BA 66.53, -1.34), which have heavy weightings in the price-weighted index, are the main drags. According to reports, Boeing may not bid on the $35 billion Air Force refueling tanker contract.

Great news for our neck o’ the woods if it is.
WHOA!! It IS true!

Boeing Co is “strongly considering” not bidding on the upcoming competition for a $35 billion U.S. Air Force refueling tanker contract, Aviation Week, the aerospace industry magazine, reported on Monday, without identifying its sources.
The No. 2 Pentagon contractor has not commented on the issue publicly, but some of its backers in Congress have argued that the revised terms of the competition, issued by the Pentagon last week, favor Northrop Grumman Corp and its European partner EADS.

Gotta get major dad started on that French Rosetta Stone course just in case…

2 Responses to “This is HUGE If True”

  1. Creatrix says:

    If you saw the credit report of our government, you’d probably think twice about soliciting their business, too.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Heck, no, Creatrix! They have 300 million suckers like you and me to guarantee the debts.
    That’s why they love to spend so much.

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